Road toll misrepresentation

I think the numbers mentioned daily around all places about Road Tolls should be more than lives lost.
Forget about my history with the bloody thing, but the papers and TV are annoying me.
Think about it.
You survive a crash, but cannot do something for yourself for the rest of your life because of some new technology "saved your life"!
  • "Wow, the new road fences stopped me going over the cliff, but i cannot tell you (as I am a bit of a vegetable at the moment) that I do Not Appreciate that the New Safety Fence."
  • Or the new-in-car-tech saved your (now empty) noggin… (mayhave been close to empty before or just happy)
  • or the leg left over is still not good enough to run on…
  • What about news like 2 dead on a weekend, but 100 critically injured, several hundred more badly injured and thousands more affected..

People have to realise it is not safe out there, trucks tailgating are more than scary, bikes are not seen.

Speaking of truckies, what the hell are they doing tailgating for Gods sake. How long does it take to stop a car and stop a truck. Big Difference. The local trucking company in my area should be ashamed of some of their drivers, it is as if they have had no OHS training at all.


About tone

Widowed exRigPigGeo 50yr old dad of 4 'teens', is doin' job raisin' kids, misses a lot of things. Family (close and extended) and Friends - an important part in our of life. Likes gadgets, speedsailing, reading (SF), geology/archeology, maps. Coffee monster- burnt out one espresso maker too many. Have to have plenty spare "moccona" in cupboard. Things I miss- Tarn. The rig life and income. A lot of sailing. Tarn.
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2 Responses to Road toll misrepresentation

  1. alex says:

    hear hear!

  2. peter says:

    loved the pics tone(not the yeti ones!!!), ones of the kids and also the comet..amazing.
    where was the one of the beach taken???
    hug to you all
    dee x

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