lots and lots of things, and whinging Again

erfbe erg hmmm
coff coff
watchin ABC 4crnrs out of corner of my round eyes- (?)
Hope that climate change does one of two things.
Either the tide rises heaps and soon so I get to see it and tell everyone NyahNyaahNyah Told Yas.
It does not, and everybody gets to keep driving way past the kids lifetimes. And I get to see something altogether different from what was imagined or calculated.
Thats that .
The boys 16th and driving on Ls. One is over and now I have the nagging thought that only he will be able to drive, the others wont unless they win tattslotto for fuel.
Big Bro really wants me to get out of the house and get someone else to look after it and the kids. Great thinking.
Well, maybe I can break the drought of "thanks, try again someday", need to soon anyay as the old visa is getting pretty hefty.
The winery work is getting different, maybe I can be a salesman, we’ll see, there is apprx 6000 bottles to sell… Cannot drink it or take it away with you…
Looking forward to Ballarat Band Comp in a few weeks, we are all going on the big thingo that has the turning things,  with lots of others, and staying at Little Bros place, should be a good weegen.
Heres a little ditty I sent off to a friend Dianna/Pete and Demps, Edited But, but and yeah nah but cos anyway  I thought it is a good catch up letter–
Hiyas all, hope this finds you well.
Snip  ====, as I know Fraser is Expecting A Wheel… (?) (see below) ===
Hows’ your book efforts going? I haven’t thought of you sitting down and writing for a while.
 Other news 
Fraser did well at cross country the the other week and got 3rd, so went on into the next level, and got halfway back in that field, which wasn’t bad, considering he does not train for it. He had thursday off after a althletic sports day jus gorn….. no work for Me…got it done today, at Rosedale now.
He has gone and buckled his Mongoose back wheel, Badly!!, and the bike shop reckons, "Throw it", ! What??? Anyway, little mate Shane had a "spare", but guess what, tried to tighten the cones (pete knows what) and no go, took axle out and it was f)(***&^ a fair bit…broken bearings, very pitted surfaces, so it ia also a THROW-AWAY too, so NO BIKE. And I blew his PC power box fixing the DC player AFTER a Kellogs Cereal Game CD disk EXPLODED in the drive!!! See attached pic.but the DVD writer nearly
 worked,IMG_0128 (Medium)IMG_0129 (Medium)IMG_11003 (Medium)
Alexander did a sports day today as well, left for Melb at 7am… he thinks a cold is coming on, I thinks we all have these weeks, as Charlotte was home Wednesday as too, another no work day… #$%^&!!! , anyway. He just got back, got 15th out of 30! And no training either!
Emerald is going along quite well, thankyou. Their reports were great, specially Emms. Charlottes cold is very annoying-i.e. NASALly, "blow the nose, I cannot understand you!", but alright.
anyway, what a month of Birthdays! Bev, mum,dad, Justine, Mitchell, Chris White, me mates Sean, old friend Melissa, doesnt stop!!
So Catch up soonish
Tone and gang
So there I thought it was a good little message.
Had to try to fix the DVD and shorted the power supply due to unsafe practices
but the DVD writer nearly worked (loudly), bought a new PS, did the same to it ,
and the CD player has been a Bit Too Loud as well (spin wise) for a while….
rang a techie bout the big TV [being colour fixed] and mentioned the prob of
Costs in Sale re PC parts, Richo said restart PC, it usually a safety thing and BINGO,  it worked.
ended up They took the supply back  so I get to replace the writer with a newie!!
Now jus have to find cheapo DDR ram for the boys pc and mine,
may help stave off lots of new PCs I think. Richo may elp out there, better him than Sale or Melb store I reckon.
Vista or orifice2007 maybe next down the track, p’rntly my office is not compatible with the Schools version……
the girls want another pc so they dont have to share the old PC Bob gave to us, and that is costing money to get it into opur little homenet and been thru two old HDD as well s the original..good thing I do hang onto some old shit, thaey are happy enuff, BUT ITS NOT FAST DAD?!?!?
anyway, they may get to have my old old one (jus loike Bobs), so that may leave room to get Zak a Laptop…
Spent some bonus $ on a cheapo Laser Printer and a cheaper again Jetprinter- two bloody good fings fer SOOO muuch lessss than my first HP DJ400 12 years ago!!!! The jet cost less than the bloody cartridge for the old 710c HP-printer!!!! or the 400 for that matter. will let the ink run out of the 710, look for ink for old 400 only on special… a plan anyway.
Maybe should have waited, cos the CAR need a good service, the suspension is ?rumbling?, the tyres are wearing out, and the AC/computer dispaly needs to be replace- Ford wants 650, and bloke in Dandy 250..??? anyway, spent enough today on teeth and food that it was like a mortgage payment day, godsteeths %&*!?!
anyway, the car is Needed so orf to maffra for another credit card workout tomorrow
then maybe the tyre place.
bugry bugry bugry
I dunno, jus dunno. Life.

About tone

Widowed exRigPigGeo 50yr old dad of 4 'teens', is doin' job raisin' kids, misses a lot of things. Family (close and extended) and Friends - an important part in our of life. Likes gadgets, speedsailing, reading (SF), geology/archeology, maps. Coffee monster- burnt out one espresso maker too many. Have to have plenty spare "moccona" in cupboard. Things I miss- Tarn. The rig life and income. A lot of sailing. Tarn.
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