holidays, but no pics, cut up and Fushnchups

Exciting Times.
 Did Not Get A Family Photograph as sneakily planned last week at the Folks place in OG. As explained below.

So- politics- Ms Palin, I can see tasmanians from here too, but I do not want to tell them that they "Have to Pray and  ye shall keep that rape borne child, and hand over the money for the test you Slag. "
I think the Q&A that week should have been kept off air- what an idiot country bumpkin? Well versed in how not to think on ya feet, Babe. Avoid the issue. Lets not confuse intelligent debate with quick country like repartees.
Ye gets what ya  pays for, so watch out Mr and Mrs Main Streeter over there where the Sun comes up a Day Later than Here.
(HAHA as some say). [Old sunshine. Bugger.]
Anyways, Like i Said, interesting times ahead.

Other Beaking Noos
My father has been in a coronary unit after a small turn last week. Smoker, biker and all, and the tests are okay. (?!??!?! LOL)
Looks like a stress test- his obvious expertise was not indispensable to the Geelong Air Show 2009 Preparation Committee after all.
So what the dickens can he do? Look after Mum, who practically need physical help all the time, and help out at the Airshow that he loves to do?
Looks like a holiday, the old fella needs time out, being The Carer at OG has just plain worn him out.
Meanwhile, I am over here 4 hours by car. Liddle Sis has been good and managing to cope with the at home details.
But that cannot go on, Respite is needed, KD works. Dad needs rest.
next question, Village time where Mum can be cared for most of the time when needed and Dad can nick off  to fish, cycle, paddle and golf for a part of the day?
I think so. Don’t think they will like it, but, I cannot deal with Mum- and she would not let me.
Also, I cannot tell the old man What To Do, never have.
Bloody wish I could sometimes, but he and she both have good hearts and are pretty caring for everyone, I think.
I don’t remember that my grandfathers’ had such attention when they decided what to do as they retired from an active social life- are we being too attentive?
Well, at least I have vented something.

Meanwhile back on the ranch.
I had a surgeon perform an day procedure arthroscopy and menisictomy (?) on the Left Knee, only one left that I have, like the two eyes, have to be looked after.
This was three weeks ago.  
In at 9.30am I think, then  it was a non-lethal injection. Op done by noon, or before- dunno. 
I was asked shortly after being removed from the whether it hurt? What?  Just out of aneathesia, like.
Yes I said. So in with the morphine.
So I could not handle it. 
Let me tell you about that. Could just have a coffee (yech) and only CHEW on a biscuit. Trouble swallowing that- did I have to?
Wait and nap, "well Mr Ford- you look a bit GREY, cannot let you go just yet"
"Do you want to chuck?" "No"
Friend come in to collect me. Danielle had to wait, too.
New Nursie.
Sick? Bowl? Nah.
Get up, get dressed, walk(?) to reviving armchair. Read. Wait.
Sick? Nah.
"HEY!"and then physically hold mouth and NoNOSE shut while attempting to hold LAST NIGHTS DINNER IN SIDE while they rushed to get a LITTLE KIDNEY SHAPED DISH to me. Explosively let the refuse out.
Eggsahlente, I relax, soon to be out.
"Somethinhg to eat Mr. Ford?"
OK. As above, just chew. Dinnae wanna swallow. Did.
And Wait.
The puked explosively again. Had a larger bowl this time.
8:45 let out.
next day, speaking to me Mum, "…and the bloody"’, looking at the things but could not say waht it was I was looking at and finally managed "walking sticks".
What the? Could not say "crutches". Lost the word.
Knees and memory and arthiritis (Looks like it). ARGGH.
Anyway, a call the next day-, something squishy feeling in the knee  while walking without the above mentioned thingos and told by day procedure staff to use the walking aids. Thanks a lot. So did so.
Called surgeons office. See you soonish, like 2 weeks and 6 days later. Not ten days (?!?)
This week, Excellent op he said.  See this pic, yeah and nah, I really wanted to have a good look, but he was behind 45 minutes and gave me 5minutes. Thats nice.
"Muscles hurt", "so? it’ll be okay".
Because I think these guys are mechanics, muscles just get in the way of the hard bits. Nothing to worry aboot.
Oh yeah,  and the guy was a Seth Effrikaaner. Love that accent. But he did not like a chat. Not then anyway. Cheek.

which leads logically to –
Don’t have brekky with a HO when in a resturant full of NZrs.
That drove me crazy for a week or two.
Or don’t have brekky when really tired with a table full of wild old tired Scotch type peoples. Off shore. In a storm.
They don’t unnerstan Oz, and I cant really get their brogue. In the morning anyway. When I was first there.
"What?" or "Fit? (see blow)
Something that simple nearly involves a large conservations/soory, talk, aboot passink Kondaments aroont de teyble.
And that leads to Furry Boots Then.
Scotchee type peoples like to use the F sound when pronouciatingly saying Where/When/Who/What,
like how we are taught, [OR WERE when I was a kiddie. NOT that long ago either, 1966!!], but not necessarily the actual way we say it either, as in Fit Like.
Or as we say- "What?"
So have ye ken the saying?
Where abouts are you from, then. (or, like)
Used to kill old tarnia with the giggles when ever it came up while we were over there in Aber-bluudy-deen, 1990.
Then there are conversations (got it) with the Carribbean crowd. Now dat is interesting, mon.
The first Trini I met was a lovely bloke back then. The accent was amazing. He was pretty easy to listen to. But some other guys were bluudy hard.
Specially (can I say it?) the whities from over there. Boyo. Condescending know it alls. Sort of.
Tha brings me back to a select few of my NZ cronies- boy, you cannot tell them too much as they know it all anyway. Well, I have been told that, and I also reckon they must be carrying over the Scotchees tribalisms. Feuds appear to abound and carry on for quite a while, even over here in socialist capitalist Oz, where no-one really hates anyone. Do they. "But I am not racist, it just looks like I hate NZrs"

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Widowed exRigPigGeo 50yr old dad of 4 'teens', is doin' job raisin' kids, misses a lot of things. Family (close and extended) and Friends - an important part in our of life. Likes gadgets, speedsailing, reading (SF), geology/archeology, maps. Coffee monster- burnt out one espresso maker too many. Have to have plenty spare "moccona" in cupboard. Things I miss- Tarn. The rig life and income. A lot of sailing. Tarn.
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