Two Jobs- Paul Carter- get it right- Mudloggers aint Mudmen

We all know oils aint oils but really. Two jobs, two names.

Paul Carter in his books on life in the oilpatch, which are not too bad and mainly correct has missed out or got it wrong on at least one thing, that I know “absolutely” cos I spent from 1983 to 1995 mudlogging, and so I hope his story will be corrected in subsequent editions and any sequels. My first offshore oil drilling rig below, the Maersk Valiant, 1984

Mudloggers, or Logging Geologist or Formation Evaluation Engineer, (here and here). For a quick funny story about one lucky logger…

Mudmen or The Mud Man, or the Drilling Fluids Engineer.

Swappable jobs depending on the money, but different careers altogether. Both may need a degree. Some have said that a monkey can do either, but really, that’s rig hands for you. Either are hard and important.  Definitely high pressure jobs.

One looks after the drilling fluid or mud that helps “make hole” safely and  efficiently and as cheap as possible.

The other logs (or- records- with various sensors and collected hand samples) the rock formation when drilling for oil and monitors safety indicators for blow outs.

The book I read was somewhat funny,  just wrong in places, and somehow not a real look at life in the oilpatch, unless he wants to re-arrange the oil-field…

I would do it again in the path as a mudlogger- the scent of a pinpointed discovery made fact is just fantastic- all that work to theorise, to find, then define.

50° Celsius or 5° below. Been there. Figjam.


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Widowed exRigPigGeo 50yr old dad of 4 'teens', is doin' job raisin' kids, misses a lot of things. Family (close and extended) and Friends - an important part in our of life. Likes gadgets, speedsailing, reading (SF), geology/archeology, maps. Coffee monster- burnt out one espresso maker too many. Have to have plenty spare "moccona" in cupboard. Things I miss- Tarn. The rig life and income. A lot of sailing. Tarn.
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