Climate: volcanic emotions!

My father irritated me a few years ago when I said something about them moving from nearly sea level to more elevated real estate.
He replied “RUBBISH son”. More or less.

I thought about it a bit more*, see here.

So is there climate change or global warming? From us?

10,000 yrs BC.

There was as much carbon dioxide more or less as now, not quoting, maybe less. Ten thousand years ago or more, according to colleagues*, there was no Port Phillip Bay, English Channel, North Sea, Black Sea or even Chesapeake Bay! As we know them anyway.

There was no conservation of sand dunes nor roads through them. Or EPA. Or planning regulations. Just huntin, fishin, livin. H.sapiens survived many turns of the weather over tens of thousands of years by adapting to local conditions. It was cooler too. A bit more ice in places maybe. Apparently only a mile deep or so? Over northern geographic areas, like land, north of the Tropic of Cancer, a lot anyway. (in Scandinavia, I can imagine governments hurriedly measuring real estate with intent to tax owners more as new land rises from the waves!).

In the Middle Ages, Europeans found people with no obviously worthy transport to get to there in the Americas, Pacific islands, Australia, and even Tasmania. “Like wow, how did they get there?” Places very remote to the then known world of the Eurasian and African continents.

In the modern age, ice cores from around the world have been shown to have  peaks and troughs of CO2, (a minor constituent of the atmosphere and  associated with volcanic activity), currently measured at up to 390 PPM (parts per million!).

Let’s assume some common sense and say that when a core is made, the deeper it is, the older the ice is. A bit like tree ring ageing. Other assumptions are that the measurements done a century ago were accurate, and CO2 was less than what it is measured now, by a few tens of PPM. Exactly- multiples of tens of PPMs. Have a little think, nearly 21% of the atmosphere is Oxygen, and most of the rest Nitrogen, nearly 80%, and the green house gases maybe up to zero point five percent or 0.5%. Or have a look at –Here , which should be have- like any reference book in the real world- a paragraph somewhere like this- check it out;

“The atmosphere of Earth is a layer of gases surrounding the planet Earth that is retained by Earth’s gravity. The atmosphere protects life on Earth by absorbing ultraviolet solar radiation, warming the surface through heat retention (greenhouse effect), and reducing temperature extremes between day andnight. Dry air contains roughly (by volume) 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.039% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. Air also contains a variable amount of water vapor, on average around 1%.”

There was  recent article on a climate related study paper. The article said that the study claimed a recent volcanic eruption spewed more CO2 and related greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than all of human-kind produced pollution altogether (cooking fires, smelter, power stations and tobacco products). (reference to cite-? ) That’s a pretty impressive amount if you sit down and have a little think about it. You and I burn a good bit of fuel to keep warm|cool and to read|travel. Each. Australia burns an almost unbelievable 1 million barrels of oil a day (1 barrel ~ 220 liters) or more, not counting coal. My household goes through a few tonnes of coal according to the power bill- maybe a few tonnes per month?

But a volcano? In a few weeks or less? Like I said, have a little think about it. Give Andrew Bolt from the Herald Sun some of that data and he will surely twist it around and show that there is no such thing as climate change or global warming after all, and all the carbon reduction taxes or pollution emission taxes are unnecessary.

Or maybe he has already- I have not the time to track all his verbosity nor verify it’s slant. It’s all in the wording, interpretation.

There is a dispute about US historic climate records. Some records’ validity have become doubtful since the setup of weather monitoring stations was begun. CLIMATEGATE. One guy has brought it up and other people are trying to spread it around- that the anthropomorphic induced climate warming effect may have been deduced from bad data. Not false! Just not good data, data collected wrongly even.

The stations are set up next to, for example, carparks and some building air conditioners. Altogether, the wrong sites. By any common sense. Important words- common sense.

Some bureaucracies are huge. Weather monitoring agencies in the Sates are big. State and federal, and county. There must be people that realise that some of the sites are plain wrong? Are they going to be relocated?

Town people like to know what their local weather is, so may be a sensible solution is another one nearby where the immediate location is not affected by ‘local noise’ conditions?

In my area, a weather monitoring site is at an airfield. Common sense tells me that in certain wind directions that the airport runways and the large concrete/tarmac parking aprons may influence the temperature in THAT place more than in MY backyard 5 minutes drive away, or the wet lands in the other direction.

But … So Volcanic Emotions- Verbose outpourings and charges of Flawed Thinking abounds. Taxes and economies are front line news, and I am sure that there are hand wringing concerned authorities no doubt lobbied by concerned corporations and individuals that can show that a tax in the right places may reduce this horrible forecast of climate or Gaian retribution.

It seems to me that, in Australia anyway, power generators are trying to get in front of the carbon reduction process by increasing their profit margins (power bills are increasing faster than CPI according to popular TV current affairs programs) just in case they have to install carbon entrapment mechanisms if the “people” insist on it. Hedging. By this I mean, either a popular vote brings in a new regime to legislate it or the current regimes get on board to bring it on.

It will cost to remove CO2.  There must be mechanisms available currently to do it. Either way, whether or not we weather the future well, arguing about it ain’t gunna fix the the unhealthy elephant in the room. Individuals just have to ante up and try to be good personally and not go for brownie points. It will be a collective effort in the end that may sway the powers that be, that the rest of us are not satisfied with the status quo.

I look forward to better data production and analysis from world wide climate monitoring sites. And the publication of the analysis. And would love to see a change in the geography too (bwahahaha).

Aside from my best wishes to my descendants, I welcome pollution reduction so that those same descendants are not negatively affected by some of my inaction.

If I could, I would install alternate energy gathering and storing devices such as solar heated water and assisted home heating, wind power, hydro if possible, and maybe geothermal (lack of rain and lava hinders that high lofty ideal) for my household power and hot water needs tomorrow. As long as the net was still there, I would pedal and pedal and pedal…

*I have a BScAppGeology


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  2. Impressive article post on the blog, I share the same views. I wonder why this particular country totally does not think like me and additionally the web publication master 🙂

    • tone says:

      Thanks. Climate warnings have abounded in academia for a long time now, even long before I studied geology! People seem to be happy driving a few blocks to see friends (same) not realising that a) the Earth is

    • old
    • , b) it takes a long time to replace things, c) we can all just think what is the environmentally right way to live and try it a bit at a time