Busier than Joan of Arc!

When you have a big day ahead, you really should be up at the first alarm…

  • I had to go to the big smoke today for #1’s uni enrolment;
  • arrange an appointment for #2, for some time this week, even allowing for a mid week national holiday (Australia Day) crossed fingers!;
  • and cancel out another appointment, for the chiro.

So I sleep in a bit, then make the call in time for #2. “In one hour? OK!” Bugger! But good- at least he cannot complain about it being Next Week!

Then call to cancel out an afternoon appointment, but I had not realised it- last Friday I had already changed it to 9:15am- 20 minutes time!- argh.

“Wake up girls, BREKKY and get dressed!! ”

So-wash, shave, slip on clothes, grab some brekky, wake up #2, check girls eaten & dressed & teeth, find keys and phone. Done. Arrive. They are late. Wait, wait. Oh Gott, better call work to remind them I will be away for the day, just in case! Still waiting, waiting. Finally! Girls first, then me. Painful manipulation!

Finish at the chiros. Off we go, fish tailing in the wet around the roundabout- OI!

Drop the girls off, bundle in #2 for his Broken Neck (or Back- wo’evah! Ess sore…!) examination (as back flip on trampoline NOT happened)( hope all is okay and he is whingeing over a strain/sprain only!), hoping that #1 is awake and ready to go as soon as I get back from the clinic with #2!

Late by a few minutes- but sit down, and wait, and wait again!

But I have to be gone by 10:30am to get #1 to Big Smoke for 1pm at the latest! Where is the doc? Get up and find that there is still one before us, and 30 minutes to leave town.

“Sorry boy- I really have to go, I think he will say rest– but ask for x-ray in anyway, BYE!”

Get back to pick up #1. Ready? Yeah. So I get stuff for trip. Two hours plus! ‘Analog’ SF mag, quarter finished crossword, set the PVR for Ghandi on ABC1, grab spectacles, pens, phone charger, jumper, vest, warm coffee, lock the door, and “No I am driving”.

Bang, 10:45am, Bank, Money so #2 can buy a fast-food dinner, drop that off back where he is STILL waiting at the surgery/clinic, and Choof, off we go…

Rain. Great, but traffic light. Drive-thru “Mac-attack” at Pakenham and #1 refills prepaid phone account…duh- whole week to have done that!

Get there with over 45 minutes until his appointment starts! He gets to see the place, and so I drive off to my brothers place to collect gear left behind last time we stayed. HE is off sailing at Sandy Point, but he told his other half I would be there by 3pm- but I was there at 2pm- ARGH gain, no one home.

And I am BUSTING for a pee. Make some calls as did not have sis-in-laws mobile number- argh- no-one answers- wait, sis! Hurray! Thanks! But no good! Answering-service again!

Drive down to the nearest public toilets on the way to a sailboard shop. What?! Parking tickets for 5 minutes= crazy- nah, cannot wait! Well! I did not know that one person can carry that much fluid for so loonngg- and I was worried that the parking inspectors were prowling and the 5 minutes was getting extended! Whew- at last, back in the car and no ticket, although- there was a suspiciously labeled van that looked like a rangers car that drove past… Lucky!

So that sailboard shopwas a dud-rthe skateboard I was hoping to get for #2 was just that too much.

Orf we go to shop two- my old mates at RPS.

Boys are busy- customers, suppliers, you  know- busy, and then some yap. Catch up a little but because my friend had called and was going to be home for me, had to cut it short. Got a skateboard for #2 and a waterproof pack for my GPS logger with 15% off for nearly twenty years friendship and commerce- so excellent!

Grab a coffee with sister-in-law (close to it anyway), collect the left behind gear, and gallop off to Big Smoke to collect #1, as a text msg said he was ready…

Along the way, three calls, meeting place, and what #2 had been up to. Cannot talk and drive, have to pull over three times as the late afternoon traffic is piling up!


Get it all sorted and meet #1. Another parking ticket required- Gott! Wot? Ah, covered ticketing machine! 2 Hours Parking Grace. Bewdeefull!

Walked around to where #1 would be staying for the next year or so, all newly built apartment blocks- looks nice.

The campus is right on the train line and main road to the city, and a tram line to the beach. Supermarkets and shops- everything a cool dude needs. Probably some nice pubs around too. A friend of mine lives up the hill a way, so there’s a free dinner sometime! And all about 5 minutes from the freeway too, don’t need to go on the tollway to see him- excellent!

Then orf home we go. He can drive. I am exhausted enough to surrender that at the moment! Well, nah, but I see he is itching a bit. One more stop at Pakenham for a mac-offee- vanilla, orroight smell, but still cheap beans I reckon. Energy drink for the Driver.

Small talks on esoteric subjects continued on from the morning drive in. Then into my ‘Analog’ mag while His “music” Blasts me deaf… Quick snack at Jacks- the chicken burgers are Not the Same as mac-attacks are- but least it’s food.

Get back on time to collect the already fed kiddliewinks from pops and home in time to record Dexter, catch up on email, junk-mail and give #2 a surprise pressie.

Sit down to tidy up and bed-time slanging match usuals. Remember to call tomorrow about x-ray. An get this down before I forget what a    verrryy     busyyyyyyy        ddddayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……. ….. ..


About tone

Widowed exRigPigGeo 50yr old dad of 4 'teens', is doin' job raisin' kids, misses a lot of things. Family (close and extended) and Friends - an important part in our of life. Likes gadgets, speedsailing, reading (SF), geology/archeology, maps. Coffee monster- burnt out one espresso maker too many. Have to have plenty spare "moccona" in cupboard. Things I miss- Tarn. The rig life and income. A lot of sailing. Tarn.
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One Response to Busier than Joan of Arc!

  1. KT says:

    God I am exhausted just reading that!!! Well done #1 brother

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