Asstraya day – our style

Asstraya day 2011.

The girls were magically whisked away for the day and night by a good friend, so the new adults (NA) would not be keeping the preteeners from beauty sleep while the party partied and tripleJ played loud.

We had sav blanc and beers from 2pm. Well I had a glass or three with dinner, but the boyo’s friends started at 2pm, slowwly I thought, which has goota be gut, donut? Lounges and chairs were spread aroon the fire pit, and slowly filled up as guests arrived. Two special cakes were brought in too- (YUMMY- thanks girls.)

Unfortunately, the young young adults chose to party with the NA. Ah well, I could see no harm, they had all behaved well last time I thought, even though #1 boyo was not too keen on #2 and friends hanging around while they (NA) proceeded to have a few ales…

The big point of the bbq evening was to destroy as much of the scholarly notes they had made the last two years, burn the books as they say.

First victim for the night was the 2010 Xmas tree- apparently went WOOF, and like a cartoon all that was left was the trunk. It is still around somewhere. Then they piled balled up notes into the washing machine drum cum fire pit.

That was good. Then a bright spark thought that just piling in hundreds of pages at once would be better…. NOT a good idea At All. Imagine reams and reams.

So a thick pall of smelly old smoke wafted through the garden, the portable vineyard and the hoose. Argh. So the rest of the night there was stirring all those bloody pages up so they would burn. My clothes stink!

The old gas bbq was brought aroon the hoose to where the action was, and a table, and someone was designated the cook(s), and paper plates were soon full of honey or garlic sausages and cheese rissoles and some steak, with a quick simple salad of a lettuce and a tomatoe, cut sliced and diced. (The salad lasted til brekky- I.E. not wanted!). A variety of sauces and condiments were presented.

Ended up a nice time really. Some had a quick chat with the beardman at times- nice to be noticed. Some split to a pub later- like- nearly midnight. One walked home in a huff. One returned from said pub, slept in his car…

And then #1 went off today for the BDO in the Big Smoke.


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Widowed exRigPigGeo 50yr old dad of 4 'teens', is doin' job raisin' kids, misses a lot of things. Family (close and extended) and Friends - an important part in our of life. Likes gadgets, speedsailing, reading (SF), geology/archeology, maps. Coffee monster- burnt out one espresso maker too many. Have to have plenty spare "moccona" in cupboard. Things I miss- Tarn. The rig life and income. A lot of sailing. Tarn.
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