Carbon Tax B*//$#17 rant; problem, FIX or TAX?

Carbon Tax Bullshit. Fix the goddamn chimneys FIRST you idiots! I hope that is where the tax is primarily being utilised, and if not, WHY NOT?

Global warming. Developing World. Cars. Energy Production and Pollution. Profits or Health?

Global warming
Yes the climate changes all the time if you live long enough, or, global warming or cooling occurs as looonnggg cycles or catastrophically, as I found out in my undergraduate days over thirty years ago. 30 years ago! And those studies of various atmospheric effects were going on well before then! A lot of people know that. Maybe even legislators… A volcano can spew a few million tons of MINERALS, ELEMENTS AND GASES INTO THE atmosphere, explosively or minimally. ANYTIME. “Global climate changes” in a week has been recorded – Pinatubo, Mt.St Helens, Krakatoa… Ha. Fix that, governments! Continents have moved and space dust has obscured the earth too, well, you could imagine that. And Meteorites!  Global effects – our disasters. Spoil the day, wouldn’t it. At the moment I am more a lets stop the emissions from increasing than a full blown believer or climate change skeptic. A Geologist.

Developing World
China is decommissioning a few coal powered electricity producing plants, PER WEEK? And constructing the same, about, PER WEEK! Hmm. Other developing nations want what we have. Well? I like my lifestyle, I bet anyone poorer than I would love my lifestyle too, let alone some one that has an even better income than me. If you flicked a switch as you walked into a room to read this, MANY OF THE WORLD CANNOT, besides don’t want to, or even care. But it was so easy. China wants it’s good citizens to all flick a switch on/off anytime too, with a superiors’ permission of course.

In California, a car has to emit close to a fart full of pollution and close to no carbon MON-oxide or carbon DI-oxide, or the car yard cannot move ’em. And the owners here, and there too, probably have to make sure that the CATALYTIC CONVERTERS are in good condition til they dump the car.

Hang on there, I have had no experience of a second-hand car being knocked back for registration because the CC is not working… How do you tell? Another magic box held at the exhaust. I hope so. Or a canary smelling around it for leaks? I mean apprentice… Now, the catalytic converters have been forced down our throats by whom? Our betters? The car makers? Scientists? Neighbors? Government? The miners of the stuff they put in  the CCs? I don’t see anyone scrounging for the supposedly expensive RARE EARTH ELEMENTS in a junk yard to sell a muffler back to the manufacturers.

Or am I wrong – tell me.

So why does this crap of CARBON TAX or CREDITS have to be forced, yes FORCED down our OZZIE throats like it’s necessary, unlike the CC for our cars, instead of –  [drum roll please

CORRECTING THE PROBLEM/s of the energy producers?

I want to drive around in a car, I want the stoplights to work at the intersections. I like this almost magical god-like characteristic of dark space being turned into room full of cheering people for a birthday party at the FLICK of a switch and seeing that kid’s face split in two by smiling, with the camera flashes going off… blah de blah de blah etc.

There’s a  lot of technology involved in the above paragraph – do you want to lose it?

Energy Production and Pollution
Now that “They” [Any governments for the people by the people – yeah, bite me] have stopped atomic weaponry testing because of FEAR of radioactive PARTICLE fallout, why don’t “THEY”  stop coal produced pollution? Ah, so a carbon tax acknowledges that a energy producing company does pollute. Tax, not fix…

If for example, your local coal deposit is mined for energy production, then each mine has maybe a couple parts per million of radioactive elements in it.

That is, for every Million Tons extracted and burnt, there is literally Tons [ or less than that] of radioactive minerals, compounds or molecules sent up the smokestack as well as the CO and CO2 and other soot/ash that is not presently collected.  Is that in the financial record of the energy producer? Apparently, each household and company in my state burns quite a few tons of brown coal per year to get through the heat and cold of the climate we [are forced to?] live and work in. That means, we all have helped to spew a few kilograms/pounds of radioactive crap into the atmosphere the last couple of decades. Each. If you include industries, not just households. As far as I know anyway. But collectively – a few tons of brown coal per household per year – four million house-holds – so just a few tons of radioactive elements like radon, uranium and lead spewed into the air, and what the?

Correct me if I am wrong – are there emission controls on that stuff or not?

Where DOES ALL THAT land? Radioactive elements are not only mostly heavy, can be lighter ones too. And being particulates, they ain’t particular about who breathes or eats them either…

Possible Solutions or Problems.
Why not play “TAX the common man”! They are making a noise about pollution. But. Is it because “They” do not want to upset the energy production companies with LEGISLATION TO STOP THE POLLUTING?

THEY are also you and I and our supposedly better educated AND caring representatives of each level of government, EVERYWHERE! Well, did you choose your representative by a careful examination or desk test before making them a candidate eligible for a government seat, or did a committee select a smiling talking nodding head for a warm seat in a big room where lobbyists have paid for a result in their favour?

All I have seen or heard is that everyone is getting upset that we are not getting anything done and we are gunna get taxed for it…

I want to see positive action on the actual production of pollution, not a tax and nothing to reduce pollution production.

User pays, so the “thinking” is use less, produce less?


Fix the problem, not pay less I reckon. Well, use less maybe a good idea too, but really. No media has mentioned this, “fix it up”, just moaning about bloody taxes on pollution!

I have also not seen any polly say “let’s just fix the emissions first”!


For people that profess to know it all, or will create a Royal Commission to Look Into It….

Is it not all in front of everybody is it the Emperors Clothes all over again?

Maybe I should start a poll/lobby group/movement on “Let’s Fix The Problem Before we Start Taxing”. I am not a debater, nor a leader, or very articulate, probably easily lead, but I like to use common sense about most things. Pollies like to spin all arguments and same with CEOs. And common sense gets squashed, mangled or corrupted for the common “good/profit”.

Dang it, we have catalytic converter on practically very new vehicle now don’t we? Whats a few more big ones on power-station smoke stacks really going to cost against health and environmental factors?

It can’t be a no-brainer, or is it profit before health and environment.


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