Foxey Grape Vintage 2011, (ii)

Separating the must from the skins did not work, again.

Threw in some commercial yeast after sterilising the must for 24 hours, and no action after 24 hours…

Too much potassium meta-bi-sulphite? Again? Second year in a row? The Skins with a few kilos of sugar and no KMS took off overnight with its own indiginous yeast.

Tried to baby the must with new additions of yeast over three days, while plunging the pomace, which was merrily fermenting

The only alernative to drinking yeasty grape juice which was too sweet and strange tasting, was to add some of the pomace to it. Over a few days, that did not work.

Finally, patience at an end and not going to buy another packet of yeast, just threw the pomace [skins and juice] into the must [grape-juice-only].

Next day. That trick finally worked, and was plunging the skins everytime I walked past the Alcoholery.

Three days later, with the Easter six day weekend holiday nearly upon us, I decided to press the new must.

Still very fermentable [1.056sg] , but the Vat was not big enough for must and skins, and if it was not finished by Easter Thursday, it is looking like we are taking it on holiday…

Separation achieved in the RAIN, and the new must properly fermenting away, not vigorously, but still, avoided throwing the lot out. Nearly 25 litres too. More than I thought, but I did add to the pomace [a few liters of hot water with sugar].

Thoughts today are still to take the dang keg on hols, and attempt to make a sherry style by adding some ‘wodca’ to it… But I do not think I have enough home-stilled wodca! Three litres won’t be enough to stop the fermentation past 1.05sg, may need to Stop it with more KMS.

Watch out Gurhkians. The Portable Vineyard is probably going to be the Mobile Winery this weekend at the Gurhk!

More stuff! SG meter, alcohol meter. Must. KMS. Wodca….

Strange. Once again, there will be a bloop bloop bloop while I am trying to sleep…

The upside is the smell is rather nice this year, or I am getting used to it.

Referring back to the port or sherry recipe, I found out a bit more to ensure I was doing the right thing... There is a chance of a huge marvining event… Looks like I need 6 litres wodca…

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