SBS cutting edge program 9-8-11

The SBS doco- Science Under Attack

Me, a geologist- a fence sitter.

“Science Under Attack”. “Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel laureate cell biologist and the President of the Royal Society, wants to find out why science is suddenly under attack and how scientists have responded.” here

A good presentation. But the cynic in me…

I like being presented with hard evidence or a good discussion.

I will never try to argue for or against global warming or climate change the way some people do, I just need a fair bit more evidence- 300 years is not great, all methods of gathering/measuring/analysing field data will be found to have a flaw or two. The consensus is- none as yet. Glaciers retreating, hmm. I do not see the great powers erecting dykes around their capital cities as yet, nor legislating for better harvesting of soot, smoke or nuclear waste either to reduce rate of pollution. Sorry, we have a carbon tax rather than FIXING things. But if Fannie Mae is going under, here is a trillion bucks! Oh oh. The Aral Sea disappeared from too much use of its tributaries……

I do think that use of the media by unknown forces is going to polarise the debate rather than head us towards a better understanding or/and forecasting of future problems to do with the global climate.

To wit-

The blogger from a newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, James Delingpole, seems to me to be a twit. How? The way he argued with the noted scientist presenting the documentary. When asked about consensus in science like in an analogy- would he trust the consensus of doctors on fixing a cancer?

– FAIL- I think I would say because he went huffy, “I would not answer that? It’s not the same!” sort of line was his answer. “You scientists are..” – “…it’s a conspiracy… ” Lucky for me it was a short insightful view of Jimmy. Yuk.

So he broke a story from stolen data that was re-drafted in the first place so that bogans like him could nearly understand it. Or he was paid to look stupid?

Like I said, not yay or nay re climate change.

But bloody hell, Jones here and Delingpole over there- I think they must be paid to rally the great unwashed! those who cannot grasp the arguments without more understandable science to help them.

Bloody hell, do they really know what they are on about?

James Delingpole – “I leave it to experts to read and do the peer reviews, and I comment on..”?

What exactly James? Cherry picking? Why comment if you are not an expert? Sorry, I think he is a twit, in it for the laughs.

And the presentation was a fair comment of the state of affairs from a scientist’s POV.


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