Swanning around

The NuHoose Solarised at last

Birds galore

You may not notice, but there is a spot or two on the peak where the local bird life likes to perch… The new PV panels may also be providing target practice- see #6.

As the pic shows, there is nearly the full complement of panels- PV and hotwater.

Just need a new power meter to gain from the captured photons. And a manual or two to operate the bloody place! The fireplace is yet to be commissioned, it is a somewhat complicated affair imported from The States- apparently ordinary people should only be allowed to use the on off switch… yeah, right.

This morning there was a swan swanning aboot upon the Bong water below the Hoose, and a bunch of other fowls befouling paddling in the southern end too.


About tone

Widowed exRigPigGeo 50yr old dad of 4 'teens', is doin' job raisin' kids, misses a lot of things. Family (close and extended) and Friends - an important part in our of life. Likes gadgets, speedsailing, reading (SF), geology/archeology, maps. Coffee monster- burnt out one espresso maker too many. Have to have plenty spare "moccona" in cupboard. Things I miss- Tarn. The rig life and income. A lot of sailing. Tarn.
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