Warm, no, cold, no warm, oh WHAT THE?

Cold, Warm, WHAT?

Hint- not happy with the believers, skeptics or scientists of either colour at the moment. Warm or cold, the weather is different at our place since we moved in 1999. Cold or warm, the blog writers I follow and or get directed to, seem intelligent and write well, like these at Discover or ScienceBlogs. Then other writers, as intelligent etc too- seem little- “directed“? Here is a site with lots of pretty pictures like this one:

This just came in

And this one a week later … from Here


What I am on about of course is The Anthropocene, or global warming, or climate change- little words and big money either way if true or false in my opinion. As far as I can tell by my fourteen years of backyard rain gauge measurements [slowing increasing IMO], ten years of watching grape vine buds and other trees budding earlier in my backyard after winter [or should I say, at end of winter?] and my three years of “weather station” observations/ data-  things could be changing as we live it. I have not gone down an academic track- would rather get my hands dirty and make something like a sand castle, watch the tide creep up my bare toes or a construct a mudlog of a wellbore with gas/ROP/lithology that later correlates directly with any electric log of the same well bore or in that locale as well- I.E. reproducibility counts or I have another think.

Seems that no one agrees that it is here or not (can? want to? Allowed?) because Big Moneys may be involved or Big Governments, or just Big Cabals?


Truth will be in the pudding in any case- now that everyone has forgotten that Wall Street type hoons wrecked the global economy a few years ago, now that less wealthy European countries are past it as wealth producing goes because of scammy people at the top of the respective heaps (could be happening in Oz too- (NSW government and corruption?), the new taxes and austerity (not mentioned…) and DEFICITS (!oh no) cropping up pre-election time in OZ, now that Asia and The Americas produce more and trying to catch up to “advanced” nations- more Prius’ and stuff for Everybody.

Looks like taxes are the way out of climate warming for some people- taxes on carbon emissions or tradeable credits[?]- monopoly money… And lots of governments, cities even, are spending way too much, or being rorted?

Cold comfort for the masses. Some nations are taxing ordinary savings too- Greece and Australia for example

Oh dear- ranting on again- the lot of the individual – a useless energy and time wasting effort. Unless you are the posterboy/scapegoat/dictator and like seeing the fear instilled in the sheeplike hordes following every edict issued…


Just read again “deep future:the next 100000 yeas”,  “the selfish gene”, “trilobite!” and “oxygen: the molecule that made the world”. And quite a few others- as noted here. if you manage to catch up on those books, then you might share this list of appreciation of “things” with me-

  • billions of years for a few little molecules to “make up” rules for DNA/RNA/PTA  and then the Darwinism of the Precambrian, then only six hundred million years and- stone throwing H.Sapiens in less than two hundred thousand years and space travel to boot…
  • The Big Bang, quarks and galaxies, oxygen
  • Infinity and prime numbers
  • ingenuity

Depressed that I live in such a complex world and not live a thousand years. To live to see the results of civilisation as we know it having its way on the planet would be just great.

I think that waiting around and adapting to climate without taxing the crap out of us is best. Put catalytic converters on ships and trains and coal fired power station chimneys.

If it is affordable and the locals do not get to “het up” about it[haha- they will] – wind/ wave/ solar towers/ tidal/ nuke to a better intelligent power grid-  we might be okay to go on as we are.

Funny how protesters of unconventional energy resources travel to sites by foreign made vehicles in foreign made clothes on government made roads or watch and rant via television or the internet

Reproducibility… Hmm… headache coming on… 


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