Getting it together- flightwise

Getting it together- flightwise

Chapter III

[Yes, I have started numbering the pages of my next tome as well, this way…]

Chapters are obviously next, and the order at the moment is a little unreconstructed… Anyway, as I alluded to in the last post, I am trying a new hobby, poor as I am, I still was excited at the first flight of a wee chopper. Yes, a wee chopper- infra-red controlled. Very much fun, I do recommend it as a distraction from, say, office politics/coffee breaks?   If you can  handle the long wait for the recharge of 20 to 40 minutes!

Chapter IV

So excited that the next morning I had to get two more wee choppers- the batteries last 5 to 10 minutes flight time, about. Depending on the crash rate, the degree of hardness of task etcetera. baby chopper fleet spinning down_resize Yes- I thought it might be hard, but Nah, tit’aint! baby chopper fleet_resize As mentioned. it takes over half an hour to recharge the wee things, so having three on hand means a small break while charging them all up! Coffee, smoke, bikky, blog catch up….

Chapter V

Day two was fun, the kids “really? three? God dad…” Day three was better. Day four- I thought that as it was quiet outside I would take the fleet out into the garden for some formation flying. Not. The first one just TOOK OFF into the laundry line. REALLY fast! Ah. I said, maybe that’s why they say they are INSIDE TOYS, and, KEEP OUT OF SUN. Yes, scientifically found out that out, the SUN of course has a fair amount of INFRA RED emanating, and the first wee chopper could not handle the signal strength. I think. Now in my mind- the dang thing did not take off as it was brought outside, so maybe I am a little UNscientifical there- I had just left my finger on take off at full throttle toooo long? Of course, later, inside again, #2Son had a go, and it was easy first time for him! I hinted that they need full throttle to get off the ground at first. See, I was Marvined in the first practice as I missed that hint in the drivers manual- always RTFM! I do I do I do, must have dyslexia to miss that bit in the manual though!

Chapter I

Why who when where how Actually, I was on an odd errand or two down main street [lotto tickets, paper, cat bowl…] and also needed to see about a 5 pack battery holder for the RC Monsoon yacht, which they did not have at the electronics store- so ordered a single pack with the idea of soldering it in series to the 4 pack in the the innards of the yacht, when I spied these dirty cheap wee choppers in a display basket. Twenty dollars!?! Really? And the little things are so cute! Okay then. And then there were other cheap four fan things for eighty bucks… Nah, let’s go for the wee chopper I thought, the 4Fan toy was a bit too much for the first foray into gyro flights, cheap compared to the 150 bucks for the old battery powered RC planes/gliders I got five or more years ago- but now they are just gathering dust and may as well chuck out. So I got one wee chopper- the little cat is gunna hate this! It will bite back unlike the nearly tame Indian Mynah birds in the garden, haha. Charged the thing up as soon as back in the car… Got home, sorted things out and started trying to get together flightwise with the wee chopper…

A few shots in my room- very hard to do this- thus poor quality, ah well. I had fun!

[btw- do not let the little buggers near a monitor or tv screen- argh scratches…!!!]

Wee Chopper Flight time B Wee Chopper Flight time C Wee Chopper Flight time D Wee Chopper Flight time E Wee Chopper Flight time F Wee Chopper Flight time G Wee Chopper Flight time H Wee Chopper Flight time I Wee Chopper Flight time J Wee Chopper Flight time A


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