inevitableness and cash competing rant

up front

A professional of the oilpatch- househusband and father to four- widowed twelve years  this week- technology geek- was a runner- once learnt piano for a few years- recently learned to play a brass instrument- big SciFiction fan… fan of science blogs at the moment- have read a fair few science fiction novels, spy and war novels, some romance novels- like a few SF movies and one or two romantic movies too. Follow the news. A lot.

Not a fan of [controlled by an elite anyway] political parties or any [a/a , organised] religion.

Probably seen as a fan of socialism Oz style- many pay taxes, get services and infrastructure for the many.

Rants sort of

Inevitableness of current trends IMHO of happiness and wealth is downwards. Mostly sad news. And other comments on news from around the world…

World news- From the Greatest Place Ever shows that “what” we elect to lead us are not really doing what we “want”, but what is “good” for us… example- race for POTUS, really, some “one” wants to help the poorer end of town but “the know it all’s” do not pass on real reasons why it will be “hard” and rather say it is too pinko(?), and unwilling to raise taxes so everyone benefits… I believe it would not have to be much, nearly everyone has a LCD TV now, no? If “free” health systems work in a lot of First World countries, why do the nearly-have-it-alls-anyway-of-the-US refuse to allow the general population have that sort of access? ‘Cos it costs? Yeah, baby, it would, suck it in, where’s the christianity there?

I once mentioned to an expat that Ozzies maybe more opportunists than capitalist like, maybe Yanks/Southerners? I was answered with, “that was a bit harsh” or even a dodgy definition. Hmm, the old robber barons of the 19th century were not opportunists, or never let a sucker…

Alright, what would you really do about Syria? Me, lose the current leadership, but replace with what/who? I have a lack of information… Another coalition “let us look after you” like in Afghanistan? I think history shows that there is never a governable peaceable population in that particular region [probably some old Greeks fault]. Ask the Brits and Ruskies, and now, ask the rest of the world

If the Libyan situation remains as we can see from here* as nearly as bad as before, what really happened/is happening there? * from months ago where lawyers held for seeing old regime members

news/entertainment– opiates for the masses? That’s a misquote from a writer I think, but how true.

Taxes Yes, Roads Yes, what I reckon

Rates- here in the Golden Land of Oz, if you own a property [land/buildings], you pay to the local government authority rates [a certain percentage of what it is worth if somebody else was to buy it], and these supposedly support a clean water supply and waste water collection, garbage collection, control of local businesses, cleaning parks etc.

Then you have the state governments, amongst other taxes and levies, taking a certain amount from individuals when they BUY a house or Sell a house or vehicle, and on other transactions I don’t know about. And other taxes on businesses when they pay you a wage!

Then the federal government taxes on profits made and wages earnt and a bit on what  ever is sold or bought [VAT or GST]. That way a few warships and diplomats are employed for protection of My Golden Oz. Also, there is the compulsory voting for the three levels of governments, and the compulsory education of our children. And some help to maintain a healthy population, who would not want “free health maintenance”? Really?

We, the people, vote “parties” into governing on what they Promise to deliver. Peanuts and monkees, ya get wat ya pay for… But are the little committees that select these primped-up politically-correct representatives we are voting for really looking after the neighbors or their business mates? Hmm?

Currently, I can drive around on fairly well maintained roads, take my kids to an emergency ward for free consult and fix, like a broken limb, and a few other government maintained institutions, like free primary and secondary education. My situation is changing as I get on to getting a better paying job, and do not mind paying more taxes if the taxes support more and better services for me and my community. I don’t want that to change, if I am required to pay more, so be it. Presently, that is.

Common mans’ money

Have you thought about taxes and profits? I think there is a fight going on over the common man’s wallet and how much these two institutions think they can get out of it before you can think about saving for retirement- meaning governments by the people for the people and businesses big and small are competing on what they can extract at the point of income payments.

Sure, taxes are needed to run a country, and business needs cyclic consumption to make and pay. Services provided are what we have become accustomed to.

Alright, seems fair. But the expectation that the GDP or what ever is used to measure the state of the nation, is supposed to grow, grow and grow is a bit strange compared to nature, don’t you think?

Trees grow and die, and in the past Empires have grown and died too. At the moment Europeans are looking at stagnation.

As well as a mass migration of poor to their shores in the hope of improving their lot. And with them is some mass hysteria concerning faster growth of the olde enemy islam within the ranks of the slowing down growth of the ‘native populations’.

Is that what we are heading into, a collapse? In my opinion, there are many factions wanting control of the Population: Businesses and Religions are a couple. The GFC of a few years ago was not in my opinion well controlled in the aftermath, Wall St and collaborators lost a few institutions, but who was really hung up and dried- not many executives from what I gather, and the poor old Democrats of the USA were left holding the baby. I think the GOP missed a mass lynching by a hairs breadth.

In Conclusion

Learning that if I do not know something, I will just try to shut up, try not to have a smarty pants answer, but rather listen, read and learn; and then express an opinion. One thing that annoys me is others ranting without knowing anything more than anyone else, but believing what they have been told, and not letting themselves an out, like being able to change sides after the facts are plain to see.


There has been a recent electio nin OZ, and there was weeping and gnashing of teeth of the government public debt. No mention of raising the taxes and keeping public servants employed.

A recent post here brings my tought togther on Life and Work a bit clearer together I thnk


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Widowed exRigPigGeo 50yr old dad of 4 'teens', is doin' job raisin' kids, misses a lot of things. Family (close and extended) and Friends - an important part in our of life. Likes gadgets, speedsailing, reading (SF), geology/archeology, maps. Coffee monster- burnt out one espresso maker too many. Have to have plenty spare "moccona" in cupboard. Things I miss- Tarn. The rig life and income. A lot of sailing. Tarn.
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