At last!

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Have found some one to help with GPS logging unit for my speed-sailing windsurfing pastime down at Sandy Point, South Gippsland, Victoria. Well worth the ninety minute trip down this time!

It has taken two years of procrastination, but finally used my GPS logger for sailing rather than just a now and again car or plane trip! Not a fad now fella!
Of course a little hiccup- the water proof pouch was not where I thought it was, but then a week later- it was in the sailing kit all along, bummer dude, but the plastic shopping bags used did a fine job, and with the unit stuck under my chin under the wetsuit, managed a fair velocity up to 27 knots in wind of 10 to 15 knots. Or up to 50 kmh! yay me, and that was with a 6.5m2 Severne sail, ah.

Yes, ahh, the new gear has been nice and forgiving and good too.

So I will have to get more time on the water, and maybe put myself on the GPS-Speedsailing board, all it takes is time and confidence.

The jibing seems to be coming together again now, so that is good! If you take a close look, some runs end really well, some NOT.

Location and tracking- 20 kms in 25 runs less than an hour I think, still have to fine tune the GPSResults tables!  tracks- red hi velocity, blue, beach walking… scale at below tracks in knots

next- will get a meteorological station just for this beach so I know from where it blows at what strength- and that will be first weekend November! Speed week usually on then at Sandy Point, but no one else has thought to install one like here.

And the ranking of the days sailing

GPSResults V6.123
altitude(s) not considered
accumulated Doppler speeds
cubic spline integration (10/20s), one run per leg
total time: 34min, total length: 15.307km

time        m   [knots]
11:40:39    14.1  27.428+/-1.011
13:02:57    13.6  26.514+/-1.108
13:12:30    13.6  26.436+/-1.361
13:15:27    13.6  26.359+/-1.322
13:08:50    13.5  26.203+/-1.283
average[2]:  49.950km/h  26.971knots
average[3]:  49.620km/h  26.793knots
average[5]:  49.241km/h  26.588knots

time        m   [knots]
11:40:43   108.0  26.235+/-1.161
13:12:37   104.3  25.355+/-1.266
13:08:53   104.0  25.265+/-1.273
13:18:10   100.4  24.403+/-1.227
11:37:58   104.6  22.590+/-1.037
average[2]:  47.772km/h  25.795knots
average[3]:  47.445km/h  25.618knots
average[5]:  45.873km/h  24.769knots

time        m   [knots]
13:12:50   259.4  24.015+/-1.217
11:40:43   250.7  23.210+/-1.114
12:52:53   254.3  21.489+/-1.130
11:27:52   259.3  21.003+/-0.953
12:01:24   256.8  20.798+/-1.008
average[2]:  43.731km/h  23.613knots
average[3]:  42.419km/h  22.905knots
average[5]:  40.935km/h  22.103knots

time        m   [knots]
12:53:04   502.0  20.331+/-1.125
11:28:15   501.2  20.298+/-0.974
11:58:42   503.7  18.475+/-1.061
13:20:36   501.7  18.058+/-1.218
12:58:32   503.4  17.790+/-1.140
average[2]:  37.623km/h  20.315knots
average[3]:  36.487km/h  19.701knots
average[5]:  35.170km/h  18.990knots

time        m   [knots]
11:40:40    28.0  27.243+/-1.079
13:02:57    27.1  26.339+/-1.176
13:15:27    27.0  26.271+/-1.380
13:12:31    27.0  26.232+/-1.351
13:08:51    26.8  26.048+/-1.273
average[2]:  49.617km/h  26.791knots
average[3]:  49.296km/h  26.618knots
average[5]:  48.942km/h  26.427knots

time        m   [knots]
11:40:43   131.6  25.573+/-1.182
13:08:56   128.9  25.055+/-1.265
13:12:40   128.6  24.998+/-1.245
13:18:11   125.3  24.355+/-1.226
11:38:01   115.5  22.454+/-1.026
average[2]:  46.882km/h  25.314knots
average[3]:  46.687km/h  25.209knots
average[5]:  45.350km/h  24.487knots

time        m   [knots]
13:12:50   247.0  24.003+/-1.216
11:40:43   239.5  23.281+/-1.115
12:52:51   223.3  21.707+/-1.143
11:27:53   218.2  21.204+/-0.971
12:01:24   217.1  21.103+/-1.010
average[2]:  43.785km/h  23.642knots
average[3]:  42.591km/h  22.997knots
average[5]:  41.225km/h  22.260knots

alpha 500/50m:
time        m   [knots]
13:12:27   494.9  16.034+/-1.509
13:13:42   497.2  13.612+/-1.386
13:16:32   468.0  13.578+/-1.514
13:00:05   498.4   8.497+/-1.203
12:57:24   214.0   3.354+/-1.290
average[2]:  27.452km/h  14.823knots
average[3]:  26.684km/h  14.408knots
average[5]:  20.400km/h  11.015knots

Cool Ay!


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Widowed exRigPigGeo 50yr old dad of 4 'teens', is doin' job raisin' kids, misses a lot of things. Family (close and extended) and Friends - an important part in our of life. Likes gadgets, speedsailing, reading (SF), geology/archeology, maps. Coffee monster- burnt out one espresso maker too many. Have to have plenty spare "moccona" in cupboard. Things I miss- Tarn. The rig life and income. A lot of sailing. Tarn.
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