July 2015- hottest ever…?

July 2015- hottest ever…? Nooo- I don’t think so, not down here.

According to a facebook blog- The Earth Story– the month of July 2015 was pretty hot. Around the world that is. Or maybe just USA? The info came from the NASA Goddard Institute page about El Nino and what is going on in the Pacific Ocean and the California drought.[ 1 sept- coldest winter in 26 yrs]

Well, as you can see below, my backyard temperature recordings starts July 2010. And not being a statistician (yet), I cannot see that July ’15 Hotness in my backyard. Yet. Watch this space, I may do it today- if my show-box-tax-receipts-stocktake or SF reading do not take up too much time after parent teacher interviews and Mr Taxi duties allow…

anyway- here is five years of mi-av-max temp plottedfive years temps


Can you see that “the average” or “mean”(?) is about 8°C- ie from min to max about with +/- 2° as a quick visual. Or over six years from -4° to 21°C, I still think it is about 8°C!. (The 2010 ’26°’ is an aberration- surely-  my new toy probably still inside?- but not editing it out now!! ). There are many ways to get the average/mean- I would have it easy as about 8°, but is it rising, like, is this year, 2015, hotter than the others?

This is the BOM climate statistics site for my area- July mean daily is 13.8°C!BOM stats July 2015


Last years, July mean 14.8°C…BOM stats July 2014


These are the backyard recordings- not edited at all- three instruments in that time, the last four years better protection from the sun- not that that matters in July!

jul 2010 temp


July 2011


jul 2012 temp


jul 2013 temp

July 2013

jul 2014 temp

July 2014

jul 2015 temp

July 2015



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