Linking. Wants and Needs. An old rant.

Another old draft, 2011, revisited

Going over draft box- thinking some deserve a new life- but as mentiond “prior-ly ” probably repeating myself. This one is from 2011.
Currently CorVid19 sweeps on and hopefully cleans the pond of benthonic lifesucking swamp life over the other side of the pacific pond.

Anyways- edited a little bit, thoughts are the same, life is different- new toys and still single(! wonder why) and churning through some vids from the yanks that are not red or blue, just savage at ‘the administration’ (joke- they cannot unless they can make a buck).

What Do We Need Really

Basic needs- food, shelter.

Then company. Maybe a lavatory and walk-in wardrobe too?

Then protection of company, and progeny. From Greed. Competition.

Greed could simply be “If they have what I want, and I am too lazy to produce it myself, I will just take it of Them”.  Or, make them share what they have, whether excess to their requirements, or not. Must be where bullying comes from too?

Is Laziness another Mother of Invention Too! Or FATHER? Hmm.

Power over supply of goods and services

Watching a television show “The Tudors”, I am led to suspect that manipulation is also a need. A need to have it all, now. And if you don’t like that, off with your head.

The power that some people have is surely only because of a supportive committee of that manipulative person? People?

The saying “Lining their own purse” is a good one.

“I need to have the track going past my place/palace improved to make it easy for market day access”, and the local lord/baron/councilor has access made better “because people further down the road need better access too…” Really? A smart argument, but the improvement peters out past the boundary fence.

Committee- power and needs.

Russia had a system where everyone was equal, as long as they knew their place, like in a dacha or a gulag… I am not sure they still have it. News reports say they may do.

I once read that Disneyland had line ups where you could wait for hours for novelty rides . [Analog SF & Fact. mid 80’s]
Waiting In Line.
For a fun ride.
And they still line up, personal knowledge- a relative.
Like Cold War food lines behind the Iron Curtain?  Or maybe Africa and Asia now?

Wants and needs, and the committee power. Or the power of the committee.

Western [type] countries have excess food to requirement that is destroyed and/or left to rot. They do not need it or sell it? The needy cannot not pay for the excess, as required, by custom.

oh. Really?

Nice one, leaders. Not.

And then the progress of industrilisation, and employment. And lines again.

Tax, Employment and Inflation


The government here in The Land  Bigger Than Texas and Too Much Of Everything is crying poor!

Why I wonder? Where, why, how, when or what has Greed done now? Floods and cyclones? The GFC?

Large polluters will not stop polluting and they cannot tax it?Or legislate to fix that particular problem? Big miners seem to need to avoid taxes so not to benefit all from the collective buried wealth? Too many immigrants? Too many skilled people paying tax? Full employment and a full treasury? What the?

The unemployment number is falling. Maybe.

So the only ones not working are carers of children, the sick, the elderly, those that don’t need to, criminals, and the unemployable. They want to live well too.

Linking basic needs and wants

My understanding of ECONOMICS is…basic.

I do for you, and you do for me.

Do is the changeable word here.

That word can be anything; help, pay, fix, care, dig, bleed, want, swap.

With these too: can, will, must. And: please, do it, would.

Linking work and cost.

How about this idea?

If employment rate is close to 100%, inflation rates accelerate. Is it an old idea?

I was trying to talk about this last night to a friend. I have spent a little time pondering on it after reading about linking them years ago.

  •  IF                there is FULL employment, that
  • MEANS       PRODUCTION and CONSUMPTION is high and
  • THEN          the competition for staff is tougher, and the
  • WANT         by employers for personnel is high
  • THEN          employer pays more for [even mediocre] successful applicants which
  • MEANS       new job conditions desirable enough for applicants to leave a  job
  • AND            PRICES go UP to cope with the wage increase….

Scale that up over the country……



But if there is full employment then more taxes in the treasury!

You would think that commerce and labour would try to use a barter system really.

Cut out a lot of middle men.

So what we want

Needs: shelter, food and water, clothing, safe environment, protection.

Wants: Buggati Veyron. Tasty food, warmth or coolness on tap, dry and quiet places, health and healthy kids, no troubles, plenty of things to share and enjoy.

Bills, Utilities, Employment

Starting at the letter box.

My last few utility bills are larger than the same time last year. Is it Inflation? Why are they so much bigger than when we first moved in, aside from a few more lamps and computers… My cynical thoughts are leading me astray…

Is it the old Microsoft FUD tactic? Fear, uncertainty and doubt about the supposedly good for us Carbon Taxes looming over the utility companies and the cost to be passed down to the consumer?

People and time

Advancing technology, or progress, is arguably about reducing the effort to produce anything either by time or cost.

Once we had progress and technology under control, then leisure time was granted.

You could make as many spears and axes and fire starters as you wanted and maybe swap them for food from other hunters and farmers. Then they went out to grab some tucker with the weapons and or dug up some food from the field.

Then you might sit around, for a feast for example, and think about the next bright idea while food was prepared by others so inclined.

Last century, in this country, the government was a sole provider of power, gas, telephony, mass transport and the post. With advancing technology reducing the amount of people needed to provide these services, there were layoff or retrenchments in some areas of these utilities. The post seems to be still pretty important and not busted up…

The Employment Problem was solved IMHO

Publicly owned utilities are espoused sometimes as advanced time wasting machines, with gold plated toilet seats for the higher mandarins et cetera, and too many non-essential people wandering around pretending to work or flying a useless desk job supervising those slackers…

I think some smarty pants in

  • commerce or the
  • public service or a
  • political party or a
  • professor,

thought that with all this free time available to the numerous unemployed doing apparently doing nothing now, due to technology and progress laying them off, the taxpayer starting getting cross about supporting those poor bastards, then how about this idea:

Sell or split the government owned monopoly utilities to the highest bidder, and let the private sector CREATE  “competition” to soak up the unwashed masses?

Brilliant.  By passing the utilities over to the private sector… Hmm, wow, competetion drives down prices… and soaks up the dole queues! Call centers, secretaries, door to door sales people. Increases the tax intake at the same time…

2020, bwahahaha, after reading scifi for far too long, it is frightening how real life exceeds our imagination. Take care in the trump-o-zombic apocalypse over there!

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