Profile,  March 2012 11 Aug’13 update
Aug 2019
Still single 
Widowed ex/not ex RigPigGeo fifty-plus dad of 4,  4 3 two teens left, since 2001, is mostly solo raisin’ kids, miss lots of things. Had some Had plenty of geo work 2012 to 2106, then nuthin, then a short heavy stint for a good bit of brass, then nuthin again.
The work being a wellsite geologist around Australia, time off at the mo- living off that at the moment til next rig job comes around. Yes STILL waiting for more work, maybe overseas or not.  Not I reckom. No Two kids at home now but the girls nagged for a pet second last year of high school, and now live in the Big Smoke- so who gets the MUTT??  “You’ll get lonely?” mmph- if I want to go away SAILING?
Frizzle has started another apprenticeship 160 100kms away as a chef- yay for him, hewas been a little lost that last 18 months I think after high school (2013).

One less mouth to feed 😦 Son#2 has picked a coupla stray friends to share his shed this year as they live outa town- Son#1 finishing uni soon, Son#2 thinks he is going to Uni (one near a surf beach…)… Daughters#1A/#1B stated advanced secondary school classes 2012.

Girls growing grown up fast – they both got jobs in retail food shopsy– they have their money and bank accounts so they can pay for their phone bills now- BUT I still have to taxi themm around- there goes MY time for SPEEDSAILING out the door and down the drain…

Family (close and extended) and Friends – an important part in our of life.

I Like gadgets, speeding on sailboards, reading (Science Fiction mostly), sciences such as geology, archaeology, astronomy, and geography. Some maths and statistics, maps.

Subscribed to National Geographic, Analog, Isaac Asimov’s SF Mag, F&SF via Kindlw now!!!

Currently trainee at the Sale City Band, to encourage my twin gels to play in the band as they grow up, but you won’t see me. I am on the committee too, for the last two years. One has continued as of mid 2012 to end of yr 11at school! Quit too busy, but well done

Coffee monster- burnt out one espresso maker too many. But got another via ALDI, good but capusules.

Have to have plenty spare “Moccona” in cupboard. One time we had six 400g jars in case of a rush, or something, a bit excessive, have only two jars on hand presently

Things I miss- Tarn. The rig life and income. A lot of sailing. Tarn.

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