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pools pros n cons

Pools, to have or not have A company I once worked for rented a house in a tropical region near an airport [but not near a bar?!?!] for a bunch of transients working in ZOCA. This particular property had won … Continue reading

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here we go…

Here we go, blindly following…   We are led. By ‘experts’. Two points this time- broadband and electrons. If  politician financial wizs can be seen to be wisely advised by lobbiers “correctly”? Firstly Here, from my Ponderings on things that … Continue reading

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Whew, thanks Aldi

Hi, been Marvined and UN-Marvined this week Got to see Son#1 at Richmond on the way home from Ocean Grove the other weekend for a cuppa and a snack. left him and started home. Got to Mt Waverly. about 30km down … Continue reading

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Getting it together- flightwise

Getting it together- flightwise Chapter III [Yes, I have started numbering the pages of my next tome as well, this way…] Chapters are obviously next, and the order at the moment is a little unreconstructed… Anyway, as I alluded to … Continue reading

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