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Brown outs… or a little more tax

Brown outs in a rich country? Well, the state I live in is probably considered energy rich as well as in gold and smart people. Starting to think the smart people are being outsmarted by greedy people who are busy ensuring … Continue reading

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pools pros n cons

Pools, to have or not have A company I once worked for rented a house in a tropical region near an airport [but not near a bar?!?!] for a bunch of transients working in ZOCA. This particular property had won … Continue reading

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here we go…

Here we go, blindly following…   We are led. By ‘experts’. Two points this time- broadband and electrons. If  politician financial wizs can be seen to be wisely advised by lobbiers “correctly”? Firstly Here, from my Ponderings on things that … Continue reading

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Whew, thanks Aldi

Hi, been Marvined and UN-Marvined this week Got to see Son#1 at Richmond on the way home from Ocean Grove the other weekend for a cuppa and a snack. left him and started home. Got to Mt Waverly. about 30km down … Continue reading

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