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Sinking or drowning

Pacific and Indian Islands are slowly sinking beneath the waves because the islands are moving into deeper water, not that the atmospherics are melting the icecaps so rapidly that New York pavements are awash. Yet. Continental drift occurs as oceanic ‘plates’ push them away from places, for example the Mid Atlantic Ridge, where molten lava emerges from hot spots deep in the mantle, solidifying into a spreading basaltic conveyor belt. The lines of hot spots welling upward force cracks in the Earths’ surface, like in Iceland, creating huge rift valleys, a few side effects affecting air-planes and increasing the size of the island… The Dead Sea is similar zone that extends south through eastern Africa.

Far from being a skeptic of Global Warming, or a believer either, I am annoyed that some people ‘forget'[?] that some of these islands are [scientifically known to be] moving into deeper water, and would rather ‘say’ that climate change is the only reason for higher tides in those places. The Bangladeshi Delta and the Nile Delta are areas have great depths of wet sediment. This is slowly compacting with time, squeezing out the water from between the grains of sand and flakes of clay to form sedimentary stone. As the sediments compacts, the land sinks. These places are simply sinking. Rising sea levels from pollution is not a great reason. Of course, that explanation does not help those in need of a new Hoose…———-

Reading for fun and edutainment

I know Wikipedia is sledged as unprofessional in a lot of ways, but amateurs are what we need to help spr

I can remain on a subject for days. An example is simple bacteria and DNA, what we are made of and came from, simple bloody marvelous basic info. Same with the stuff that comes from stars blowing up. Us again. And The Fed and US politics! A week each. Still not finishedead info, and for a quick once over anytime for basic information.

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  1. camillastelli says:

    i wanted to thank you for this great read!! i am definitely enjoying every little bit of it i have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. thanks for all.

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