Geology Career- Oil and Gas Exploration, 18 years, and extending

September & December[?] 2014

This time have a contract for two wells through Reservoir Dogs, Perth, for Woodside, OFFSHORE! Meant having to redo HUET course again {helicopter underwater escape training} and a few other health and Safety bits and pieces- all tools for more jobs is the way to look at it! Although another medical check, ah well. Offshore has not changed, and a good chance to catch up with old colleagues Steve, Paul and Marshall, and maybe with Nigel, Mandi and Andrew too on the way back out to Vic from Perth. The logging unit has mwd and dd in it as well- crowded- a little. At least there is two geos out for this job- Bill F and Mitch are the offsiders this time

April to July 2014

Statoil contract in Northern Territory, five wells, Griff Weste as OpsGeo, compadre on site was Mike Cane. The work was either from Spud to TD or just for the continuously cored section, wireline retrieved core job. The break from Feb-Apr was nice, the work was good, intense and a welcoming time to upgrade and de-rust work skills. Day rate was higher again, ut looking on the workload- yeah, not bad at all. I would like to see evaluation of the Southern Georgina Basin continue next year- still awaiting the well tests on the favourable wellbores.

January February 2014

QERL, Ophir-4, also through AWT, with a weeks notice! Another coal seam gas job, this one with continuous retrieved core through zones of interest. Weather was bad at end of well, sleeping at the rig rather than the camp 23km away was trial during wireline logging! Trip home was good, via woopy from Lake Gallilee to BrisVegas, caught up with Mandi Ryan, stayed with the Smoko Kid at the Gold Coast a coupla nights too. Day rate same as last well, also no complaints from clients- Graham Pope was the opsGeo- nice guy.

December 2013

Strike Energy, southern Cooper Basin, Coal Seam Gas exploration, well was not far from the Strezlecki Creek and Strezlecki Track crossing. First time on a Schramm rig, accommadation was good, the well went well, the wireline was a little short, but Klebb-1 was a nice surprise to get on, through AWT, and day rate much better, no complaints from client- that was nice.

November 2013

Tellus PNC joint venture well in northern central Cooper Basin with Doug Short. Looking for hydrocarbons in the Birkhead. Longer than expected.Better day rate this time for a 12 hour shift.

Ah, the smell of the sump, roaring diesels, the Crows, the dust, the pit…

July 2013

December 2012 through to June 2013

Wellsite Geologist and assistant to the Operations Geologist at Lakes Oil NL at Morwell, Gippsland on a stratigraphic hole, including HQ coring through the Strzelecki Group and into the main objective of the well, the underlying Tyers Subgroup (media released quarterly report May 7 2013)

Finally finish reached target depth unfortunately for me, so now looking for the next project- may have one in the desert with another old mate, fingers crossed! Do not really wanna drive around town with groceries again. Enjoying the southern hemisphere winter- not- would like to go speedsailing while waiting!

December 2012

, recruitment guy Dave got me onto Lakes Oil PL over summer- a top hole supervising and maybe continuous coring next. Better than spending summer in the desert, but the drilling crew do not work over Xmas. So back to deliveries for a fortnight, then real work. BTW, the government has let my pension as a single dad go up in smoke, and now I am on income support at a lower rate with no medical support either or discounts for utilities (wow 5%)- so If I Cannot Work, I am buggered… Sell the house, move on out- on top of increasing utilities and property taxes too. I some times look at that oncoming truck’s radiator on the highway, will it be quick?… then think of his family…

October 2012

Thanks to my sister-in-law who looks out for now and then, I am now on a consulting ticket for a company temporarily as of late September  for a few weeks[?] of October, locally, in the Latrobe Valley, as a Wellsite working on a coal coring job up valley from home, with an option if successfully completing this task for another in West Australia monitoring a geothermal exploration well. And then some more down in south Gippsland next year too. RESULT- 6 days worth paid out a laptop and MSOffice- just need a log program.

Should start to pay out for kids dental- a new front tooth for #2Son and braces for the twins, and Then The Roof…

Graduated Applied Science (Geology) 1983, started in Oil and Gas which meant logging and sitting petroleum bore holes to identify productive zones via hand specimens or microscopy or fluoroscopy or chromatography or interpreting drilling parameters or from logs of gamma-rays, density, neutron and sonic via wireline or LWD- and passing on recommendations or reports as needed as a geologist, analyst, and then as directional well surveyor, MWD and as a drilling tool operator on directional wells. Final position was LWD engineer before leaving the field due to family reasons. This is a list to all the wells I have ever been on up to about 1999… Locations were around Australia and overseas in different areas of Oil and Gas Exploration. Picture below is the Maersk Valiant 1985, when I was a mudlogger. I appreciate your taking the time to review my resume. If you feel that your company is in need of someone with my background, I would enjoy talking about any opportunities, around Gippsland anyway. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that we may discuss the possibilities in detail.

This is my CV 

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