currently, the dessadisfaxion report

It just irritates me…

Just a rant or ponderings of the current times, probably repeating myself!

Absolutely– why oh why not just use YES, or I AGREE. Using that word by itself and repetitively too these days really infuriates me. It is never used with anything else like it should! RHHG!! And when friends etc use it, oh…

Fraccing for energy– under good regulation, I have no problems with it. The nay sayers are not up with the geology or engineering, that’s what experts can comment on. Shut-The-Gate people- where is all of your energy for your life styles coming from anyway? I don’t think you are making DIY power packs at home and charging them with a hand crank… How the hell are you making your way to meetings and protests and how do farm products make it to market? Sheesh.

Solar power– the present Oz goverment does not the idea! What the hell? Surely they must have been lobbied by large energy suppliers [ that are,oh dear, losing some money!?] Surely it makes so much good sense that if on our own we can make electricity and save it by battery (new and upcoming?) to supply our own power teh community avoids brown outs if forced to cut coal energy use?

Wind Energy– another field the Oz Gov does not like cos it is Ugly! And Noisy? Yeah, so what about the kilometer wide holes in the ground we are left with from coal mining- are they gunna fill that up to get rid of the Ugliness? Nup. [‘they’ the miners or govs]

NBN in Oz– FTTP for broadband internet use at home is the obvious and best way to go, because to me, it is a little extra money,work and time. Every body will be happier, until a new breakthrough comes along of course. Singapore and Korea cannot have it all wrong the last few years- Oz is supposedly a first world country afterall.

Highways in Oz– the Princes Hwy Gippsland thru to NSW and probably to Sydney. Admittedly, not an expert on construction or the politics of it. But I do think that with all the space we have, getting rid of single lanes and building dual carriageways would pay off down later in many ways- less accidents, less time on the road etc etc. And it is nice country to drive through! And something else- why not move closer to place of work rather than travel on a packed roadway? And and and…

Public transport- I am in favour of public transport paid out of taxpayers money- what would a little bit more tax cost you?

Politics in Oz– a leader is down, long live the next… Until we don’t like it. A change at the moment looks fool hardy, but the pollies don’t get it.  Nor the peple or media.

Taxes– In my opinion, I love a good road for the ambulance to get me when I need it in order to get me to a hospital for treatment by well trained medicos. If I never use it, so what? Like insurance, a ‘free’ health system paid for by ‘everybody’ will cost less overall- like buying groceries in bulk as well- got to be cheaper over time. Sooo- I don’t like the mantra at the moment that “the Oz Gov owes a fair bit, but taxes will be cut- Vote For Us!”. So where does that lead us? I don’t see the very well paid helping out- they will try to pay less if they can cos they are allowed! And another thing- I reckon nearly everyone in Oz probably has a large LED flatscreen TV and a near new car (like less than ten years old) in the drive way… people cannot afford a bit more tax? I think we can if society in Oz wants to keep up with some of the Jones’s overseas!

Drugs– apparently the authorities do ‘know who-what-when’ on the ICE problem and lesser proscribed substances problem but not how to stop it. Or not enough guts. Great, like when someone says to me when I am down the street- “See that guy? well…”.  Rggh.

Housing– many years ago- a quarter acre house block [20x50m] was big enough for shelter and a small veggie patch with maybe a few chickens or a sheep (for the cooler/freeezer), enough for a family. Houses now are built nearly on top of each other! Why not build upwards? Just live on top of each other and save space for parks. [or roads?]

Trumptime. I reckon the US is on a losing streak there, from what the news reports and what I can understand…

Refugees- let them in or let the russians (ie they support the syrian regime…) have their way to cause an economic problem for the rest of the world… Just because there is no energy resources in some countries in the MidEast whereby a solution like an invasion would help the people there, is no excuse. Anymore. Some places are still not recovering after that tactic was tried. And just acquiring an acerage by force is not helpful either, look at you putin, shame!

ISIS- yech. I do agree with Abbootts slogan- well he would have one, like ‘they’re extremists.

Where I am at. Dunno. Not overly happy, not depressed, leaning both socialist and capitalist, what ya gunna do? I like freedom to travel, to vote, to pay taxes for health roads and defence, to enjoy what prosperity I have and try to share and/or leave some of it for society and descendents, to rant…

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July 2015- hottest ever…?

July 2015- hottest ever…? Nooo- I don’t think so, not down here.

According to a facebook blog- The Earth Story– the month of July 2015 was pretty hot. Around the world that is. Or maybe just USA? The info came from the NASA Goddard Institute page about El Nino and what is going on in the Pacific Ocean and the California drought.[ 1 sept- coldest winter in 26 yrs]

Well, as you can see below, my backyard temperature recordings starts July 2010. And not being a statistician (yet), I cannot see that July ’15 Hotness in my backyard. Yet. Watch this space, I may do it today- if my show-box-tax-receipts-stocktake or SF reading do not take up too much time after parent teacher interviews and Mr Taxi duties allow…

anyway- here is five years of mi-av-max temp plottedfive years temps


Can you see that “the average” or “mean”(?) is about 8°C- ie from min to max about with +/- 2° as a quick visual. Or over six years from -4° to 21°C, I still think it is about 8°C!. (The 2010 ’26°’ is an aberration- surely-  my new toy probably still inside?- but not editing it out now!! ). There are many ways to get the average/mean- I would have it easy as about 8°, but is it rising, like, is this year, 2015, hotter than the others?

This is the BOM climate statistics site for my area- July mean daily is 13.8°C!BOM stats July 2015


Last years, July mean 14.8°C…BOM stats July 2014


These are the backyard recordings- not edited at all- three instruments in that time, the last four years better protection from the sun- not that that matters in July!

jul 2010 temp


July 2011


jul 2012 temp


jul 2013 temp

July 2013

jul 2014 temp

July 2014

jul 2015 temp

July 2015



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Clastic Depositional Systems: A Source-to-Sink Perspective

PESA VIC/Tas Branch Short Course –
Clastic Depositional Systems: A Source-to-Sink Perspective

This week, I managed to get on a nice two day course in Melbourne, VIC:

PESA VIC/Tas Branch Short Course –
Clastic Depositional Systems: A Source-to-Sink Perspective
Tuesday, August 4 & 5
Conducted by Mike Blum, of Kansas Uni. Kansas, USA.

Twelve people attended this very interesting course, lively questions from the more academic side. The food was adequete, the coffee was a little boring.

Mike has had a varied professional life between academia and industry, and presented the course in a interesting manner, the material was good, but a few more attributes to track down material used easily would have been a little more helpful.

The material presented was given out on a little USB card- a great idea. There many pictures of Utah geology examples, and the videos presented were pretty good.

I enjoyed and appreciated the vourse, as did the other attendees. It gave me new insights into seismic interpretations of both fluvial and marine deposits- rivers, fans and deltas will never look the same again from an aeroplane window! Sedimentology and geography, or GEOMORPHOLGY combined. Highly recommended.

PESA Vic/Tas Branch August Technical Lunch – The Mississippi Delta: Subsidence, Global Sea Level Rise, Sediment Supply and the Future
Wednesday, August 5 @ 12:00

I attended another presentation by Mike Blum, and appreciated this technical talk very much. The wine was good, the lunch not so much- but the format is changing, so we will see how that goes!

7 August 2015

An AAPG course was booked for the melbourne ICE AAPG/PESA conference in September. And therefor I had to join as well. But / And now the field trips are cancelled. Hmm, industry not going that well.

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Speedsailing to date 2015 Jan to Jun, and RIP RPS Elwood

2015- RIP RPS Elwood, a new direction [AGAIN?] thanks to actually working…and not because of Joe (the treasurer), and other stuff

The late 1980’s

In the late 80’s I sailed an original South Australian-made little yellow beauty 8′ speed board gun, which at the right times I enjoyed a LOT, especially with a NP RAF Wave 5.2m. In fact I once chased a seagull west to east over the barrage at Goolwa- that was FUN- it could not go up or downwind to get away from me!!  T’was made in South Australia, board by Shane O’Callahan,  Wind Force (Cut Loose), at Point Lonsdale, SA.. Note the Clamp-on Z boom from HYDRODYNAMIX (made in WA)! And the poor old Ford Laser- it was only rusty on one side- blaming Noth Glenelg parking bays where it spent a  ‘few hours’ per day over several years… Well, it managed 140kmh with a Tiga Sprint sailboard on top when I travelled to Darwin one time…



Travelled to Darwin for three months work July 1986. With accessories. And no speed limit– back then! poor old Ford Laser, was a rust bucket four years later


1987 at Buxton St, Adelaide, no wind, sorting the gear out- the ‘Wild Cats’ was an allright first slalom- although the RPS boys called it wild oats and wondered how it actually planed, the Tiga Race was great, the old Tiga Sprint was My First Windsurfer, and the wave board, yuk. No speed gun yet


Obviously at Wilsons Promontory on an exploration there and Sandy Point, late 80’s . Note speed gun on top


Barwon Heads, VIC, 1989. My little sister wondered where Tarnia travelled- ‘On The Roof’. Four boards, the speed gun, slalom awave and The 1989 Bic Race- with a 7m2 it would fly past catamarans at North Glenelg and Somerton




Salom 1988

Goolwa barrages late 80’s on a Wild Cats Salom

1989 loaded for bear at Aldinga SA

1989 loaded for bear at on a trip Adelaide to melbourne, somewhere along the coast anyway, four boards/masts/12 sails…


1988 Old 3.7m RAF Wave NP, hardly used since had it, the boom form same era,for HI . Warick sold me the boom at Brightom 1989 before RPS was a twinkle… Still in the quiver though!


The 1990’s graed into the 2000’s,adding children means less water time. less boards too.

faithfull old large steed for the beach

faithfull old large steed for the beach, Leviathon



sandypoint-2000-01-29-3, NP 5.8m VX and the  1993 Speed 8’8″ World Cup Slalom






To the 2010’s and  this…

four boards

two 20-teens Starboards, A 1990s Speed and a raely 2000’s Fanatic bump and jump

sdy pt 3 mar

sdy pt 3 mar


fixing the sturdy steed for bear

fixing the sturdy steed for bear June 2015





The Fanatic used twice or less, not sure about BumpNJumping anymore, and it is too old to sell it. Bought a 2010 Starboard  ISonic 94l from RPS ( in 2013) with a 2010 Severne 6.5m and a 120l iSonic from The Zhu ( in 2014)’ with a 2012 7.8m Severne

Mistake made buying a 4.9m Naish mast to go with a earlier bought North 7.8m2Sail- because I actually doubled up with the sail by mistake and faulty memory of what was in the collection, and could not [ or did not?] progress with the mast and sail combo- but- upgraded collection instead with the following, jus A Few new fings to the collection by June 2015. [Thanks to ]. I cannot wait to try the 2012 JP Speed 50 Pro Edition board with a “new” sail- Neil Pryde RS Racing EVO2 Limited [2010] . the board apparently has remained ‘the same’ since 2010- but what do i care?

JP speedboard


Thanks to Fletch- loosely associated with SHQ

New board and sail are actually older stock but brand spanking new freah out of the wrapping- Suspect paid too much for old stuff, getting over it.

Speeds this year and other news

Since January on sailing-

june2015 rankings

June 2015 rankings

Got to 30 knots the last 12 months a few times for a few seconds with a couple of the boards and sails. The old Speed board still competetive, but really want to break 30 with the new stuff.  Hence the newish speed gun board from JP (jasonten best sessions polakow), a 50cm wide 64liter type. I have  GT51 GPS speed logger and use GPS-Speedsailin website, to only keep track of how I am going of course. Joined up with the crew so to keep tab on how I am going. Even have a leetle peek on a utube vid from 2014 mel Cup weegen at Sandy Point


First the other news- RIP the Board Store at Elwood, Melbourne, Victoria. Andrew and Warick decided to shut down RPS (as it was in 1990- The Repeat Sailboard /Surfboard /Skateboard Store) after twenty five years. It was frequented weekly by myself  1991-1994 as it was only  just around the corner- a deliberate move it must be said – I mean to be by the seashore and a sailboard shop whilst Son#1 was unleashed upon the world… And he became a mascot I think, one of many during the 90’s! Well- one of the first there anyway. Her’s a few photos of that week they closed shop this year, 2015:



And I got Older……   ….   ..   .The Family at my 54th_resize






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