Recipes, Tarn’s

I could be a real bastard and copy the original typed recipes that Tarn made up ages and ages ago. The following are cribbed from anywhere as well, and acknowledged. Mostly it is what has worked and what we [kids/myself] liked. Or did not. Obviously what is missing is I just do not eat that, or those forgotten. IE seafood… The list is going to be added to week by week I hope. Nup. Nearly…I want to start a family favourite recipes collection. My marriage to Tarn was a delight as far as food goes. And this is way to honour her memory and recipes! Our cholesterol count was great. One time her’s was higher which was hilarious, because Oil Rig food is not supposed to be that healthy!

Family Cooking (II) Chow Mien
Tarn’s Chow Mien

With one so favourable comment- let me do another Tarn recipe, one that she says she got off her mum. I think after ten years I may have changed the basics, but the kids and their cousins and their aunts like it.
For 4 people slightly modified
beef mince/ground: 500g/1 lb
cabbage: quarter or to taste, shredded
garlic clove: mashed or teaspoon+ minced
onion: 1, diced
carrot: 2, grated
rice long grain: half cup
pepper: fresh, good grind- half a teaspoon
salt: quarter to full teaspoon, to taste
curry powder: 2 to 4 teaspoon- to taste
packet chicken noodle soup
Heat some oil in big fry-pan with pepper
Slowly fry onions with mashed clove garlic until soft
Add beef and stir until browned
Stir in the curry, soup mix, salt, carrots and rice and cabbage
Add water to cover it all and bring to boil
Simmer for 15 to 20 minutes with occasional stirring until rice cooked
Dish up with fresh bread or toast and butter/margarine. Son#2 likes Vegemite too…
Sometimes I add ground cumin, tumeric, cajun chilli, paprika and chilli sauce or tobasco just to spice it right up.
Leftovers good for snack on bread.


Tuna Mornay
A Main Meal

With full acknowledgments to Tarn, Bev and Dee
As a kid, I liked fish two ways, tuna from the can, and battered deep fried flake (gummy shark). Adelaide, the Eighties, Tarnia tried to get me to eat her favourite fish dinner- salmon patties. “Yeah but Nah, thanks Tarn.”, then got me with the Tuna Mornay instead, oh yummy! Of course, tuna was not her fave…

Tarn would often have to make up three different main courses at one time. Son#1 and Son#2 were of different ages, kinder and toddler. The few published recipes here MIGHT have been eaten by the kids, but usually there was a separate cook-up for them when I was home from the drilling rigs.
We were pretty concerned that #1 really really really only liked a beef sausage, some raw beans, half a raw carrot and maybe some mashed spuds. And tomato sauce/ketchup. A lot. A dietitian said, “He is eating, but try him on other foods to eat ’til the plates finished. If he goes to bed hungry after a few nights, it might sink in…” As the eldest of six, this sounded reasonable to me. But upset Tarn a lot. But persistence paid off, and so dinner preparation was finally much shorter with only one main course to do for four.

From the top of my head, here we go, for four people:
Tuna 300-500 gm
Onion diced finely
Garlic clove, diced, minced
Butter- a table spoon plus
cheese a cup grated, parmesan or tasty, or both
Milk half a cup
Curry powder, 2-4 teaspoons
Tomato or sweet chili sauce
pasta 400gm: noodles, fettuccine, spirals or penne
Boil up water for pasta and cook to aldenté
Meanwhile heat the saucepan,
Add pepper,
Melt butter, then add onion and garlic and soften up
Add flour, stir then slowly add milk, and stir all up to sauce like consistency on low heat.
Add in tuna with or with liquid from the can- which can be water or oil
Stir it all up, and add curry powder and other sauces like tomato or sweet chili
Heat for 5 minutes and remove.
Add cheese and stir.
Place cooked pasta in a baking dish, and pour over the tuna mornay sauce.
Spread some more grated cheese over that and top it off with bread crumbs.
Bake in a moderate oven for 20 minutes (180°C or 350°F)

Recipes Mexican style

I want to start a family favourite recipes collection. My marriage to Tarn was a delight as far as food goes. And this is way to honour her memory and recipes! Our cholesterol count was great. One time her’s was higher which was hilarious, because Oil Rig food is not supposed to be that healthy! I welcome a contribution, as the first post will be recipes that have stirred me the last fortnight and share, inspired by three people.
In the mid 80’s, Tarn and I were living next door to King’s Park on Park Ave in Crawley, Western Australia. For a birthday, we went to a local Mexican restaurant and she persuaded me to try an avocado dip. I was not that into hot stuff or avocado, but the dip blew me away. Tarn said she had the recipe back at the flat. Great!

The last few years the larger clan has had Easter Gatherings, and one of my many cousins has supplied a great dip that is to be known as Chrissie’s Awesome Dip.
The Downunder Cajun posted a great sounding recipe this week, Tacos, done in a slow cooking style.
Sounded scrumptious, but I did not have a slow cooking pot
… But! Aldi had a special on them this week. Coincidence? Thirty bucks was cheap, I know, but the few things purchased there that have failed, failed to foil me from buying the cooker after reading The Cajuns Post.View Blog
“Tarn’s Guacamole”
or mine, really
Avocado, ripe or nearly
Spring onion or small onion or red onion
medium to large tomatoe
200 gm [light] sour cream
1 to 2 tablespoons Lemon juice, or Lime! Or squeeze the lot in!
dash Tobasco sauce
Dash Sweet Chilli Sauce or chilli powder to taste
1/4 teaspoon ground Cumin or more to taste
1/4 teaspoon salt or more to taste
1/4 teaspoon ground pepper or more to taste
Mash avocado roughly, keeping the seed to put in after mixing all up to help keep longer,
Dice up the tomato and onion and mix in with the avocado,
Mix in the juice- not only tasty but keeps it from going brown too quick,
Stir in the sour cream,
Mix in the seasoners- and keep tasting to get the hotness required,
Cover the bowl and refrigerate for a little while before serving.
Serve up with corn chips- any flavour!
Amazed, The D.Cajun’s so similar.

Chrissie’s Awesome Dip
From Christine Ford9:30am May 5th
Subject: Dip recipe
“Here’s the awesome recipe…
1 can tin tomatoes
1 can red kidney beans
1 jar taco sauce (mild)
2 teaspoons (or to taste) smoked paprika
1 diced onion
1 cup grated cheese

Brown the onion, then add other ingredients (except cheese), mix and heat through, then blend with a bamix/blender till smooth. Add in one cup grated cheese and stir through. Best served warm.
VOILA! Enjoy!”

We did Chris, we did! Thanks for letting me put it up cuz.
Eat with toasted whole grain bread, corn chips.