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possession is 9/10th of the Law…?

so are these are My keys to a new life? Yep. The NuHoose on BillsBong is ALL MINE!! Bwa hah ha. UNTIL the at the moment virtual owners grace me by a realtime presence… and… become the hosts from hell? Like, COME … Continue reading

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Start of the year, where has the last one gone?

Unfinished- Realisations of the past year 5 weeks later Eldest is voting and does not seem to really need me anymore for things or what ever, still tells me he’s going out tho, that’s manners. Second eldest is growing up … Continue reading

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Blogging around II

After the trawl thru The Blogostophfear yesterday, I am lost for words…not. Well, there are SO many female oriented blogs.  By females of course- a new culture?* Amazed, amused, bemused and saddened at some stories. Are we, not the royal … Continue reading

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