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currently, the dessadisfaxion report

It just irritates me… Just a rant or ponderings of the current times, probably repeating myself! Absolutely– why oh why not just use YES, or I AGREE. Using that word by itself and repetitively too these days really infuriates me. It is … Continue reading

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inevitableness and cash competing rant

up front A professional of the oilpatch- househusband and father to four- widowed twelve years  this week- technology geek- was a runner- once learnt piano for a few years- recently learned to play a brass instrument- big SciFiction fan… fan of … Continue reading

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SBS cutting edge program 9-8-11

The SBS doco- Science Under Attack Me, a geologist- a fence sitter. “Science Under Attack”. “Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel laureate cell biologist and the President of the Royal Society, wants to find out why science is suddenly under attack and … Continue reading

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Waiting, waiting… NuHoose

Not much to say on progress out at my sister-in-laws block. We have been in and past it a few times this last few weeks and the site is as still as the pond below it can be on a … Continue reading

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