My Other Sites for Different Reasons

You are in for some-  as Geoffry Gibson would rumble out-  ‘Advanced Time Wasting’, referring to any studies not related to his courses.

Other places to read by me and what I can do and what I reckon. I think all transferres back here anyway as too many to keep on top of?

  1. You Are Here and this is the most important site- also I refer work mates to it via Linked In, so it is either an upper or downer site…
  2. Tone-In-Ozon how I get through life and how two trips to the hardware store means something was not measured properly at some stage of the job…
  3. DaggyDad, with MS, and being a dad,the tears and joy of it all-  because I have four great kids to bring up all by myself and Then, have to turf out to the big wide world 🙂 And I am doing it. Why not, it ain’t easy, but is sure fun.
  4. The Portable Vineyard this is not kept up anymore- just not doing the DIY wine anymore unless plenty of foxy grapes to make rum with…




“fit like” (Scottish!)- What The?

furry boots or  “Where abouts are you from”, was Tarn’s fav saying from 1990 when we were living with a Kiwi in Aber-blerdee-deen, NE Scotland.



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