more to come. If you can believe that.

Cutting out certain things.


But not lotto, I like to think that one day proceeds will always be handy.

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Update Trump V Dictators (allegedly)

Well, no comparison as not an expert, just an abserver, noting little descrepancies on the latest reported news. Under the lockdown due to CoeVid19.

Did you know F.Castro used to hold 4 hour speeches?
Or rallies. Whatever. Glad I was not locked up in that stadium.

Apparently Stalin did the same thing too.

Currently there is an elected (allegedly) public official doing the (allegedly) same, treating un-elected people such as say, reporters- as intellectually challenged as they don’t know what is really going on.
Did you know that there is an asian country with a very large population but a small death rate (14/04/20) in relation to CorVid19 in comparison to the world’s  “bestest” (allegedly) country- which is about a third smaller though, but has – at published numbers anyway- a death toll only eight (allegedly) times the asian country’s (alleged) toll?
Also history is currently being re-written each time he is televised to the public- who also says knew he “knew” a pandemic was coming, and that he had no responsiblity (allegedly) to help other state structures but could sit tight on essential medical supplies (allegedly) and even maybe swipe (allegedly) legitimate supplies from almost anywhere, in country or outside it?

I did not know there was an infantile “areshoel” (allegedly) in charge of a large (allegedly) country, truth is not as unreal as fiction, just fechin weirder.

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lockdowned savings


A lockdown- to tap the infection rate down to a low and wide bell curve rather than a spiking fkn rush off to the ER, cos of the fechin CorVid19, forced to forage only essentially, so; Money saving. (or even and/or time saving for- whoa, different list)

1 no laundry-  no visitors or getting out,  wear a onezie just in case- bin night etc
2 washing clothes, none, see 1,
3 laundering small pile under clothes, but really, who cares? see 1
3 showers, save on water, who cares, see 1
4 ironing, none, see 1
5 clean out clothes not wanted
6 food/cookin, just brekky and a simple cookup for dinner/tea, no eating out, see 1
7 vehicles and fuel, low mileage, see 1
8 early nights, no lights, just the laptop/tablet/smartphone
9 shampoo shaving shoeshine soap etc see 1
10 toilet paper, none left at the shops
11 handsanitiser, see 10
12 alcohol, for some, see 1


1 laundry practically nil
2 dressing gowns, different one each week?
3 power for computer and internet, see 8 above
4 internet data, see above
5 bloody garden and lawn, has to look like you care on the outside
6 Uber Eats of course
7 health
8 humour, when the fech is this over
9 TV, netflecks etc
10 hotwater- hand wash, handwash, handwash
11 alcohol, see 1 above


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Becoming alert, a regurg’ from the past

This is how distracted I had been in 2017

Just tidying up the archive- and going through the DRAFT folder- looks like I repeat myself a lot, sorry- that’s life ay? rants, Jones’d, Marvined, the last few years have been Ups and Downs and WTF’s. the next few months, because of CorVid19, will be more than interesting indeed.

2017, what is it going to be?

I am reading into all news reports (if they are News) with a frightening level of alarm, skepticism, cynicism and outright shock.


Well… Let’s just say that my trust in elders and or peers (but am I becoming one too?) is being eroded by the choices (not that mine lately have (all) been good ones) made by others in leaders that are, to me, far off echoes of ‘Look at Me! I Am The Best Ever! You will be looked after (or else!)’ Sort of. Not just local shires, counties or regions, but to countries or even hemispheres.

I reckon the fearless leaders (why is that- are there are more copycats to replace them easily) are just that. A puppet on the face of it really. There must be committees behind the voices  made up of faceless (usually and powerful enough) people to control goings on so that at least they can either live peaceably, or not.

The money Must Roll in. I can see that, but the cost I think in the end is what dystopian (?) writers fear, loss of the collective individuals to a machine life supporting the better “have it all’s”.

If some societies that are led where all are equal but some are more equal have dachas or golfcourses and full markets actually  are real, and those that are judged to be re-educated in a colder or eviler place probably don’t come back,




revisit june 2017

Imposter? Nil positive reactions to cover letters or resumes/CVs since February 2016
shelved? see above
backburner, as above
anxious, savings gone into surviving without oifield input, see above
ignored, most likely, that’s not good, on the work front, socially and just generally
MS, on a tight leash

High lights of the year so far has been

crewing once on a little old wooden yacht, “Irene” a little bit around SE Tassy for my bro and dad for a week, and invitation to do it again, only back to Geelong across Bass Strait


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