Sailing down the speed course

as posted on facebook, may not show up for everyone

will work in that

I am in it for a sec or two from 1min35sec, the boys were doing about 32 knots, me about 27knots


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Heading to a warm week.

Noticed trumpism appears to be ruining weather prediction, forcasting or foretelling by not knowing differences in geography in home country, what is that and oh oh he is ruining running the world as well don’t needle him about his new clothes, and bureaucrats there are leaving solid careers behind in the EPA too, so not to soil their CVs? [ I just wish It would go away].

Been warm other parts of Oz too, with the added factors of tinder dry country ready to worry residents and farmers everywhere from north to south and east to west. Which could be the worldwide state of the times as well. Dry thunderstorms are nice to take pictures of. Only.

Beware of hail storms, do not laze about in the pool when it gets darkly cloudy, or you will nurse a bruise from tennis ball size hailstones. And shrieks of laughter from the youtube audience. Only uplifting sentence here I suppose.

No need to keep your tinder dry anymore, the climate’s taken care of that!


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weather apr ’17 update IMBY

Draw your own conclusions.

The record of rainfall in my back yard seems to show an increase if using a linear regression or moving average plot on the numbers I have collected since Ken gave me a rainfall collector when we first moved in here back in 1998.

Well, that’s what I reckon anyway.

Even my automatic weather station, although not a thousand dollar outfit, appears to show a sort of increasing temperature trend when mashed up together as shown below! Allowing for breakdowns and resiting it that is.

The rainfall graphs of average versus median and the graph of the nearby airbase rainfall appear to agree nearly on patterns of seasonal rainfall- Most in November/November, and a peak in April/May.

above- Rainfall record from collector in the backyard, click on pic to enlarge

below- temperature record from the weather station




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Brown outs… or a little more tax

Brown outs in a rich country?

Well, the state I live in is probably considered energy rich as well as in gold and smart people.

Starting to think the smart people are being outsmarted by greedy people who are busy ensuring that their bottom line is not broken and endangering their retirement plans, bugger the smart people.

[And to rant on a little bit, I read that there are some people that have Faith in Political Parties- oops? Didn’t hear that  the Liberal National, Labor, the Republicans  or the Democrats are now also religious orders? Sorry, out of line, was that One Nation or the newer on- whatsitsname- oh yeah Australian Conservatives… Oops sorry again.]

Yes I am on a rant rampage again, stop me if you can from sitting on the so-comfortable white porcelain throne with cold plastic green seat or even from having a shower, and just thinking.

Governments are not helping, if I can read between media lines and all the ‘fake’ news brouhahahhahha ha  ha, sorry, it is all an irritation to me, as a once wise guy said.

What I mean, for one example anyway, is gas production and export to overseas markets are pretty important, but are some organisations are getting around the law and regulations in such a way to mimimise tax on that production and sales in that it seems the Australian people won’t be seeing a cent in royalties from the produced raw materials for a long time, so that construction of the plants are paid for first, such thatduke-energy-bass-strait-gas it almost appears conspiratorial. Are those organisations helping or actually controlling legislation? One would have to say no. Or can one? Think of Norway and its soverign fund- a strong socialistic government protecting an asset, a super super fund to use for the people, so once that resource runs out, at least the profit was kept.


All this comes to mind as the local domestic power, gas and other day to day things like health insurance, are costing much more than they normally should have with inflation.

Yes we are a minor world power, but really do we have to make life so hard?

qledtvMost people at the moment have a newish car and probably a smart TV and smart phone too. The internet data costs are slowly coming down too. Maybe even a smart refrigerator…


The eastlinkgovernments around the country, from Federal to State to Local Council are saying we/they have to cut costs because they say so. If most people keep upgrading possessions, then maybe they Build hospitalcould hold off on that and pay another few percent tax so the roads they want to use, the hospitals they want sitting around on standby, the parks and gardens they want to picnic mcg_stadiumin, or attend a rock concert at a public stadium… Not a communist by nature or a ranting frothing rightie either, but sure, let’s spread denturesthe wealth so we can be healthy at least, maybe even cut public dental wating listd fro months or uears to walk in to a dental clinic and get it fixed, not like teeth are like taxis or an MP, there to be called on when needed/wanted…

Obviously I could go on and on. I do. Doesn’t help that yours truly appears to be abandoned by the beloved oilfield at this time, and maybe having to depend on the taxman again to live… argh, vomit etc. Finding out that even grocery store stackers or delivery drivers are selected by computers- Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). argh again.


Anyway, the whole point of the blog was a little note to the relatives as follows: Coal in Victoriagas in Victoria

thought I would check out this for y’all
looks like we have used half the gas reserves (not resources- much more!) since 1970, so that is 50% in 47 years, but population 1970 3.5mil, now about 5.8mil, to me run out in 20 years
price increases- middle men/sales/ etc, as not replaced pipelines or platforms or gas plants, think they could have replaced turbines in hazelwood regularly

stupid idea to fill in a mine, “they” probably wouldn’t let it be used for drinking water or irrigation… 

should keep mining, put catalytic converters on chimneys like made them do with cars etc etc, but need power for air conditioners….
we are certainly not major manufactures- cars, roofing, socks n shirts n shoes,
so, you may as well supply your own power and hot water from solar/wind, and own cooking gas from your own kitchen/garden mulch and poo too.

Coal- almost never ending supply if used / burnt properly until go with green/nuclear- remember the used stuff could be put back where it was mined from, hey?


Seaway tunnel and global warming


And another little rant, a shipping tunnel in Scandinavia to save some time. If sea level rises with changing weather patterns, then the tunnel roof is going to have to be
extended so much that the tunnel will become a canal…



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