(August) 2020 update with (from my blogger site in April), a revisit some rants and update here and there

Well probably, here anyway, rather update this than the other one if you dont mind this wordpress “dia-ration”. This is here now. weill be there.


Sorting. Starting a clear out of the hoard. Part of the collection of oilfield pipe-tally books, from 1984, souveneirs now really, unused!

Sailed with my dad and brother from Geelong to Wyndam Harbour along with Magic and her crew- my cousin and her hubbie. Well, motor sailed the weekend really.

Irene, second from left, and Magic, 3rd from left at Wyndam Harbour
boat back to Geelong, ‘Magic’


Been to a place called Lake George, bewdaful or wot? Most excellent place to stay, well Beachport anyway, but the lake shallow FLAT when windy and so Fast man, with the right gear and motivation and practise, will make 35 knots next time I get there, bet on it! First pic, water depth luck to be over your waist at the time, pic 2 of Conor speeding in a light wind in knee deep water east of 5 mile, the launching place

LG, new speedsailing buddies skimming in February 2020, no best times this month though
Daffy heading out, 15-20 knts S-SW wind
Conor going for it before the day filled in
launching means a 5 minute walk out from Rigging Lawn, parking on the road
looking SE towards Beachport
launching at 5 mile, looking roughly westward
The Spit looking easterly
The Spit, looking west

Southern Ocean


Done a Wooden Boat Festival or two March

Geelong Wooden Boat Festival 2020, cousin’s hubbie’s “Magic”
Paynesville Wooden Boat show with cousins and uncle, them and the boats not included here but
Brother’s and dad’s “Irene” at Geelong

Seen the folks a few times, and lent Le Derg to dad, he cannot see mum all that often, and so lonely I spose, the Derg is fine with him, I do miss the Derg a little at times- “walkies?!” grrrr. Seen sibs a bit between lockdowns. No Windsurfing speedsailing since March. I think. Kids doing ok, one been a at home jorno, two doing uni via internet, the cook trying out new things back home rather than London, poor bastard- will he ever grt back there? Me. Daily, Waiting for an Adelaide call for work, resting, spider solataire, checking the john hopkins US horror show death toll climb, reading a wee bit, railroad tycoon deluxe 1995 getting a workout, making sure the weather monitor works *

Redo the van, lot of time spent on the plastic pipe rack system for the boards sails and masts. After a few trips, Nah, rack ripped out, just stack the gear again and leave the new fridge out until Trip Time to LG!

“And So!”


= lockdown, trumps parastism extending putridness all over the west- wake up stupid yankees, stop me now, but social media over there has gone mad attacking “Dear Leader”. Good.
[august- well the yanks have not woken up to the totalatarianism or fascist state they may get in the next 12 months if the retard and vengeful orange mop stays in power by stooging the mailinpostalvotepeople and BS voter registration crap for the poorer classes- it is still an apocalyptic situation, to me anyway, over there]

10 April 2020

as per my FB post-

“Ah well, 22°C imby, sunny and the world is Very quiet out there. Great windy sesh coming and cannot make it to Sandy point for some speedsailing- grrr {lockdown, no essential exercise allowed or travelling}. Hope you all doing ok. Dunno what the ell the US admin is doing but it is “gonna win” the death toll, congratulations you slack white house MFs. whoops, sorry, it’s entertainment the wrong way buddies- ratings are as in. Really, “my poll numbers are up”. “No- wtf, get outta here you orange headed muppet retard buffoon, and your swamp gang”. Pity the people that are trying to get things done properly, and New Yorkers, ah man”

are we all locked to our screens? I am. Coffee time, legs stretch, thinking about next Job and household – jobs. Maybe- see below link to boatbuilding site.

I was about to go and check the mail, well sortta, but it’s that only friday in the world that is a real shutdown day.
No mail ijit!

Coming up in the slow freeze of time atm:

great site- pete’s fault https://www.acorntoarabella.com/
video making time

van convert

time planning- boat trip- phone

Just finishing off a small garage cleanout- last two boxes of SF mags. I first started reading and then buying Ananlog Science Fact and Science Fiction, Isaac Asimov’s SF mag, and Fantasy and SF magasines in 1979 when I started uni, workout that bookshelf length! I did not think anyone would want them so bye bye over half my lifetime’s reading material. Very sad to find out that the recyclers do not take books and magasines for recycling- straight to the trash pile! But, it is onlinenow so really no floods of tears. Sorta.


Don’t like to say but times are a changing, not off the block this last week, hopefully another project rears it’s head soon, the garden has been “shredded” but cannot dump the mess at the local dump or tip- “non-essential travel”? NOOO-
DONE- a month later! Two maybe three trailer trips, garden and electronic and clothes and Junk, but garden is as my wife rip would have said ‘OMG what have you done?!
To add to this, after above dumpings, there was another time between lockdowns over my birthday weekend, on another tidy up of old office and the workshed-ex-garage by the kids and their other halves where upon abouts another dumping trip was undertaken. Time shots did not work, but what a pile of crap. BTW a weekend of the kids at home, nice and tiring!!

Did I ever mention I am now a multi-prop drone pilot? Even got paid for some promotional drilling rig pictures last year while on a drilling job, most satisfying.

Retreiving the core barrel, central north Queensland, Aug 2019, drone shot.

And also a model plane learner driver- just in case a fixed wing drone job cames up.

One trip to Sandy Pt, tiring, retreived by others to shore as too tired to lift sail in dying wind and the weight belt did not help.

anyways [as per Letterkenny]

Progeny # 2 returned from a MichelinStar London job in April- 2 weeks in quarantine, then down for a meal- nice


finally got the bigger switch- a netgear nighthawk vintage bought 2016 also networked in the LAN the same fortnigh

A walk in the gorge of conglomerate with the eldest girl child

jointing in the conglomerates
Conglomerates- looking up under the plane of a bed of large pebbles
Le Derg is hidden in this pic.

[the lock down prevents use of the flying field to practice either the drone RPAS use or the fixed wing model dang- but have not got my ‘bronze wings’ yet- either not enough practise or not showing enough enthusiasm maybe, as newbies appear to get their wings after a few weekends- or is it anti-drone-use discrimination? oi- 😉 ]


A new yacht (2019) graces the water down at the little pond, and an updated older model [page down a bit more to July] sports a new rig, they are both most excellent little boats.

My little dragon with A set sails in the middle.
Le Derg, my girls’ derg watching the sailboats at the pond- really- I look after the him, Do Not Say Walk
Look- out in the distance through the misty rain, my [cancelled now] work office for the next project, anchored in Port Philip Bay- weird, I stopped to take a pic, and as I got the phone out of my pocket- I pocket dialled my supervisor! loved to have had this job but for Covid19.

Spent time reparing or making sure two old portable CD players work and both twenty five years old- one had shit batteries ands ruined battery compartment so it only works on acdc power now, ouch, but has a line out jack- the sony one does not, but as a marvin example- both had the “hold” switch on, held me back ten minutes til I worked that out otherwise junked, did not want chuck out more bloody modern technology- I do hate that. Makes me think that my first di

ha another coupla jobs as diarised in the camera phone:

front office staged to look busy

And so finally networked all the pc’s, old and older and all the laptops old and older including the old smart tv (not pictured) in the front office- small outlay on new little switches.

On the little lake with old yacht new sails July with the dji action cam:

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Getting there

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more to come. If you can believe that.

Cutting out certain things.


But not lotto, I like to think that one day proceeds will always be handy.

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Update Trump V Dictators (allegedly)

Well, no comparison as not an expert, just an abserver, noting little descrepancies on the latest reported news. Under the lockdown due to CoeVid19.

Did you know F.Castro used to hold 4 hour speeches?
Or rallies. Whatever. Glad I was not locked up in that stadium.

Apparently Stalin did the same thing too.

Currently there is an elected (allegedly) public official doing the (allegedly) same, treating un-elected people such as say, reporters- as intellectually challenged as they don’t know what is really going on.
Did you know that there is an asian country with a very large population but a small death rate (14/04/20) in relation to CorVid19 in comparison to the world’s  “bestest” (allegedly) country- which is about a third smaller though, but has – at published numbers anyway- a death toll only eight (allegedly) times the asian country’s (alleged) toll?
Also history is currently being re-written each time he is televised to the public- who also says knew he “knew” a pandemic was coming, and that he had no responsiblity (allegedly) to help other state structures but could sit tight on essential medical supplies (allegedly) and even maybe swipe (allegedly) legitimate supplies from almost anywhere, in country or outside it?

I did not know there was an infantile “areshoel” (allegedly) in charge of a large (allegedly) country, truth is not as unreal as fiction, just fechin weirder.

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