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currently, the dessadisfaxion report

It just irritates me… Just a rant or ponderings of the current times, probably repeating myself! Absolutely– why oh why not just use YES, or I AGREE. Using that word by itself and repetitively too these days really infuriates me. It is … Continue reading

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inevitableness and cash competing rant

up front A professional of the oilpatch- househusband and father to four- widowed twelve years  this week- technology geek- was a runner- once learnt piano for a few years- recently learned to play a brass instrument- big SciFiction fan… fan of … Continue reading

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Stop Or I will say Stop Again

Stop Or I will say Stop Again Stop, Go, Give way, slow down, OOOOPPS a speed bump!? Whether you know or not, but now you do, I gave up a oilpatch job for the kids, and now drive a van … Continue reading

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Lightning and the quick thinking manipulator. Want to be a king pin back in cave dwelling days? If lightning struck an elder or leader, what happens to the power vacuum? A deep and quick thinking manipulator says “It is a … Continue reading

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